Sportime World Tour Stops in Paris

Photo credit: Emma Fein
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With the 2016 French Open on the horizon, the Sportime World Tour halted in Paris for a Roland Garros-themed event at Sportime Massapequa on Saturday afternoon. Continuing its string of successful World Tour events, Saturday’s event featured DJ Curtis doing his thing to keep everybody entertained, along with a bouncy castle and delicious food.

“Today has been an exciting day,” said Sportime World Tour Director Jason Wass. “There was a smaller crowd but it allows us to do different things with the kids. We did some more team competitions and the kids are having a great time. What is really nice about the Paris event is we are able to go outside and that adds a lot. It was really fun to have the party going outside with the bounce house and even a photo booth, and a bunch of tennis going on inside. The kids are great and the crowd has been great.”

Seven-year old Tessa enjoyed the event and said: “The bouncy castle was my favorite part.”

Six-year old David echoed that sentiment, saying: The bouncy house was my favorite part, I went on four or five times!”

The bounce castle wasn’t everyone’s favorite, as some of the kids enjoyed playing tennis the most, including nine-year old Nicholas.

“The tennis was my favorite part. We got to rally a lot and played all of my favorite games!”

The Sportime World Tour events are a great way to get kids to play competitive tennis, but in a non-intimidating environment, allowing them to have a great time while playing.

“We’re trying to introduce the kids into competition in a fun environment,” added Wass. “We want them to experience competition, but have food, other games and music being a part of it. That way they come away with having a great time at a tennis tournament.”

The World Tour is throwing in some new wrinkles for its next couple of events. There will be a Wimbledon-themed event at Sportime Amagansett and a New York-themed event at Sportime Randall’s Island, where the kids will be attending the U.S. Open qualifiers.

Credit all photos to Emma Fein