Adult League Wrap-Up

Captains Jonathan Klee & Lionel Goldberg will lead the 4.5 Men from Christopher Morley to the USTA Nationals
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Long Island had a great year at the USTA Sectional League Championships! Teams that advanced to the National Championship are:

18 & Over League
►3.5 Women from Sportime Syosset (captains Dawn Schosberg & Jeanette Romano)
►4.0 Women from Christopher Morley (captains Seema Imberman & Therese Direnzo)
►3.5 Men from Eastern Athletic Blue Point (captains Michael Siegmund & John Selvaggio)
►5.0 Men from Shelter Rock (captain Joe Polestino)

40 & Over League
►4.5 Women from Jericho-Westbury (captains Tina Stellato-Villegas & Karen Levine)
►3.0 Men from Sportime Kings Park (captain William Carson)
►3.5 Men from Eastern-Athletic Blue Point (captains Michael Siegmund & Henry Winnicki)
►4.5 Men from Christopher Morley (captains Jonathan Klee & Lionel Goldberg)

55 & Over
►8.0 Women from Point Set (captains Ann McGrath & Dale Conway)

65 & Over
►7.0 Women from Sportime Lynbrook (captains Pat Molloy & Leslie Wecksler)

Jamie Stickney, coordinator for the Mixed-Doubles League and the Tri-Level, has started a 40 & Over Mixed-Doubles League which is presently playing. Great start to a new League and we look forward to lots of growth in the future. The 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5 Tri-Level League is also in progress.

The 18 & Over USTA Mixed-Doubles League will start in December. We will have teams at the combined levels of 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0. Matches consist of three courts of mixed-doubles. Anyone starting a team or looking to play on a team should contact Jamie by e-mail at

We wish everyone a very healthy and happy holiday season!


2016 USTA Sectional 8.0 Women’s champs from Point Set, captained by Ann McGrath & Dale Conway


The 3.5 Women from Sportime Syosset, captained by Dawn Schosberg & Jeanette Romano, are headed to Nationals


The 3.5 Men from Eastern-Athletic Blue Point, captained by Michael Siegmund & Henry Winnicki, are headed to Nationals


Captains Seema Imberman & Therese Direnzo will lead the 4.0 Women from Christopher Morley into Nationals


The 4.5 Women’s team from Jericho-Westbury Tennis, captained by Tina Stellato-Villegas & Karen Levine


Captains Pat Molloy & Leslie Wecksler led the 7.0 Women from Sportime Lynbrook to the Sectional Championships


The 3.5 Men’s team from Eastern Athletic Blue-Point, captained by Michael Siegmund & John Selvaggio, are headed to Nationals


Captains Jonathan Klee & Lionel Goldberg will lead the 4.5 Men from Christopher Morley to the USTA Nationals