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New York Tennis Magazine has put together a list of some of the top gift ideas for the tennis lover in your life this holiday season. 

40 Love Lifestyle

39 Plandome Rd 

Manhasset, New York 11030


(516) 570-0781

Instagram: @40LoveLifestyle

Tennis inspired fine jewelry locally designed in New York by female Designer and tennis mom, the Yasmine Collection New York is the perfect gift for the tennis lover in your life this holday season.

Order now in time for the holidays!

Available now, these one of a kind Diamond Tennis racquet & ball necklaces in 14K yellow or rose gold, featuring pink sapphires and 0.25 carats of diamonds. 

Necklaces are 17” with additional loops for wearing at adjustable lengths. 

Custom orders available by request!

Come stop by 40 Love Lifestyle to learn more about our tennis-inspired jewelry and find the ideal gift. 40 Love features an array of tennis, pickleball, racquet ball and golf apparel, accessories, bags and more, including niche items that will help you style up your game.

Visit 40LoveLifestyle.com to see more!



adidas Pickleball



A Racket Tailored to Your Needs

The new ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL HD will give a new dimension to your game. The 3K CARBON composition alongside the POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB CORE will give you the power you demand. Its CTRL format will endow absolute precision that will make you dominate the game at will.


Its 3K CARBON composition and Hi-Density POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB Core provides excellent power. 


Its CTRL format and the materials used provide excellent comfort. 



Frame: Carbon Reinforcement          

Surface: Carbon 3K

Core: High Density Polypropylene Honeycomb      


Dimensions: 16 x 8”

Weight: 7.7-8.2 oz

Thickness: 14.28 mm

Sweet Spot: Center

Grip Size: 4 1/8

Grip Length: 4 3/4


Halftime Chiller



Instagram: @Halftime_Chiller

The Rolling Cooler

Have you been searching for the perfect cooler that not only holds and keeps your drinks cold, but also doubles a storage unit for your racquet sport needs?

Well, Halftime Chiller has you covered.

Inspired by a vintage oak whiskey barrel, the Halftime Chiller is a one-of-a-kind product, that has both an aesthetically-pleasing design that has everything you need.

The innovative 4-in-1 design allows it to function as a cooler, seat, and dual portable storage unit. Features include:

Pressure lock system

►Fill the bottom half with ice, drinks & snacks

►Holds 24 bottles and cans

►Stays cold for hours

No chairs? No problem

►Standard stool height

►Comfortable padded, sturdy seat

►Telescoping handle makes it light and easy to pull

►Imprinted wood grain design for visual appeal

Hidden compartment under the lid

►Keeps personal belongings secure and easily accessible

►Removable tray

Mesh back pocket for extra storage space

►Perfect for clothing, towels, equipment, books, games, supplies, etc.

►Two halves stack inside one another to save space when being stored

The Halftime Chiller is the multi-function rolling cooler you need for all of your tailgating, picnic and outdoor activities. Halftime Chiller comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, and is the cooler you need for all your sport-playing needs.

For more information or to see all of Halftime Chiller products, visit HalftimeChiller.com, contact info@halftimechiller.com or check out on social media @Halftime_Chiller.



inPhorm NYC


inPhorm, known for its “simple elegance and classic” outfits for tennis and golf, is adding a new plaid “Academy Pattern” to its holiday collection.

We asked the creative director, Saad Hajidin, what inspired his color palette this season?

“Vintage plaid is always popular,” he noted. “Every time we include a print or patterns in our collection, people respond positively.  My thought for this Holiday was to elevate our tennis and golf looks with a plaid pattern with colors that are inspired from collegiate sports. I’ve combined Academy Blue with light shades of Bluebell, Silver Grey and White making it look traditional, classic and appropriate for the taste level that inPhorm’s customers have come to expect from us.

“I was very careful to scale the patterns so that each color variation blends and compliments the others tastefully. In addition to the Academy Pattern, we also have Midnight Blue, Vapor and our Classic White — colors that work well on their own or pair with the pattern pieces.”

inPhorm’s Holiday 2022 collection is replete with styles that transition from the daytime court and course to the evening’s activities — stylish tennis and golf looks that easily blend in at any occasion.

In the last few months, inPhorm’s team has been engaged in conversations with its customers, gathering reviews of products, fits and functionality.  “We like to say that by listening to our customers, we ‘Stay inPhormed,’” Saad says

You can learn more about inPhorm by visiting its website, www.inphormnyc.com


Ode to Tennis by Barbara Wyatt


The Gift of Humor

For the holiday stockings, give the gift of humor with the book, Ode to Tennis by Barbara Wyatt, featuring the delightful rhyming poem of a player in a tennis lesson. It’s the perfect little gift book for tennis players. The illustrated poem highlights a player's joy and frustrations during a tennis lesson, capturing the euphoria and struggles of players who take up the game of tennis later in life.

“I chase the ball in tournaments, I compete in the USTA, Yet my strokes leave players laughing, I’m more comical than Tina Fey!”


►“A great work to be ready by anyone who likes the sport of tennis!”

►“It is a feel good book, well-written and illustrated. Made me smile the whole time I was reading it.”

►“A great gift! So much truth in a fun wonderfully illustrated book. Enjoy.”

Ode to Tennis is available on Amazon for $9.95 (paperback) and $2.99 (Kindle).



Sassy Li



Discover the perfect tennis bag

Sassy Li was founded by Lisa Fuchs, who spent most of her professional business career in sales working with some of the top fashion companies in the world. Through these clients, she developed a real sense of fashion and style. But even more important, was recognizing and appreciating the secret of these organizations was that they were able to make women feel as good as they looked. The first bags were purchased right here on Long Island by Advantage Tennis in Westbury,

The Sassy Li tennis bags are the perfect gift for the tennis lover in your family this holiday season, including these two in particular:

The Sassy Li Royal Blue Bag is a lightweight tennis bag that offers a good amount of space for players on the go. Featuring high-tech features and boasting a fresh perspective on style, this bag is built for durability and premium functionality. You can easily organize your belongings with the backpack, which has room for two racquets, a zipper pocket to store cell phones, two side pockets to keep water bottles or tennis balls, and changeable velcro straps among others. With ultra-padded adjustable straps and a cool modern look, you’ll be traveling comfortably as well as in style!

Built from the highest-quality materials, the Ultimate White bag is a modern solution for players seeking years of durability, all-day capacity, and keen pocket organization. The bag is well customized to store two tennis racquets or your laptop when not in use on the court. The additional storage compartment includes a zipper pocket to store cell phones, two side pockets to keep water bottles or tennis balls, and changeable velcro straps among others. The SASSY LI ULTIMATE WHITE BAG is made from 100% down quilted polyester that will persevere through years of training and tournament travel.

The Key Features for both bags are:

►A sleek minimalist design offering incredible functionality.

►Crafted with premium zippers and 100% down quilted polyester for durability.

►Separate compartments to store essential items.

►Exterior pockets to hold water bottles or tennis balls easily.

►Nicely padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. Straps feature easy length adjustment buckles.

►Changeable velcro straps.

For more information and to see more bags, visit SassyLi.com, or contact lisafuchs559@gmail.com or (516) 286-5211.



Silent Partner Tennis 

(800) 662-1809 



Give the gift of a Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine this holiday season!

Silent Partner Tennis has been independently owned and operated since 1989.  Check us out online at SPTennis.com.

Our ball machines make great holiday gifts. We have a range of portable machines to match any budget with features for beginners and experts alike.

Oscillation with top spin and back spin capability comes standard on all of our machines.  Our SMART model machine includes advanced features such as Match Play mode, which simulates playing points in a match, and Select-A-Drill, which allows you to input customised drill sequencies.

Feature-for-feature, we are the best deal around.  Plus, shipping from our factory to your front door is free.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you have any questions before or after buying your machine, feel free to give us a call!

Here’s to your best tennis yet.  Wishing everybody all the very best of the holiday season and a safe, healthy 2023.


The Heel Pad



Instagram: @RTPTennis

The RTP Heel Pad XC is no average or ordinary shoe insole. It will change the way you feel on the tennis court and beyond as it softens the shocks absorbed by your heels, ankles and knees while you run, stop, cut and stomp during the rigor of tennis.

Your enjoyment of tennis shouldn’t have negative lingering effects hours and days later. The Heel Pad XC can act as a shock absorber for your feet so that you don’t have to spend more time recovering away from the sport you love.

Created from Sorbothane, the same material used in our ShockSorbs, and one of the most absorbent polymers in the world, the Heel Pad XC doesn’t need to be thick or bulky to be effective.

Just a tenth of an inch thick - about the height of two pennies - the Heel Pad XC’s don’t add significant height, squishiness or bulk to the wearer’s shoes. The astonishingly thin insole is sticky on both sides and is intended to be worn beneath the full footbed insole originally included with your tennis shoes (or your favorite footwear).

Once installed the Heel Pad XC’s are sometimes undetectable, though the same cannot be said about the added comfort and protection to your lower body and joints.

This would make the perfect gift for the tennis player or athlete in your life that battles plantar fasciitis after playing, wears a knee brace to combat knee tension, tendonitis and general soreness.




The ShockSorb



Instagram: @RTPTennis

The RTP ShockSorb is perhaps the world’s most effective tennis shock absorber. Not just another decorative dampener, The ShockSorb is the only tennis dampener that incorporates Sorbothane, one of the world’s most absorbent materials.

If you have a tennis player in your family or group of friends that wears an arm brace while playing, struggles to avoid tendonitis or suffers from general elbow discomfort as a result of playing tennis, The ShockSorb may allow them more comfort, less pain and more opportunities to play the sport they love.

This Holiday Season, you could gift a loved one the chance to get more out of their time on the tennis court, and ensure they don’t have to spend too much time recovering off the court.

How is the ShockSorb so effective?

Rigorously refined and play-tested for the best results and design, The ShockSorb has earned the respect of tennis players of all ages and levels. A vibration dampener is a common racquet accessory - but no other product is designed to protect elbows from general discomfort to acute tension and pain quite like the ShockSorb.

Considered an indispensable racquet accessory by its users, The ShockSorb is about the same size as a traditional dampener, sporting a sleek and classic look. Yet it is unlike traditional dampeners in its effectivity of reducing the shock passed from a players racquet to arm. The ShockSorb is also very stable and durable, with a compact design that rarely-ever falls out of position or off the racquet during regular hitting.

The ShockSorb comes in two varieties: Classic and Ultrasoft.

The classics are available in black and white, and perfectly balance comfort with the feel of the ball. The retained feel yet newfound comfort may even impress players who don’t usually opt for dampeners.

The Ultrasoft model is for those looking to achieve maximum comfort and absorption from their dampener, even in colder temperatures.

Coming in a variety of colors, there will be a color to match your racquet or individual style.



UltraGrips Socks



Instagram: @RTPTennis

The UltraGrip Socks are for the athlete in your life that could use more traction.

Mildly compressive, the UltraGrip socks have a tacky, checkered external surface to unite the sock and the shoe as one, but also internally to grip the foot of the wearer.

The double-sided grip ensures that whether you are accelerating, changing directions or slamming on the brakes, your foot, sock and shoe do it all as one unified unit.

Getting clothes as a gift never felt so good!

This Holiday Season, gift the athlete in your life more traction on the court or field. Not strictly for tennis, the UltraGrip sock grants unprecedented traction without stickiness, residue, unnecessary bulk or discomfort.

The same thickness as most athletic socks, the UltraGrip socks have a slight compression and comfortable fit.