| By Brian Coleman
40 Love Lifestyle Fiona Branchinelli and Shauna Devardo, pictured here at Citi Taste of Tennis, bring their shared love of tennis to their brand


Earlier this year, the Long Island tennis community got its latest addition as 40 Love Lifestyle opened its doors in Manhasset, a unique store that would not only serve as a place to shop for your latest racquet sport needs, but also with the desire to bring together local players.

“40 Love Lifestyle was created with the idea of bringing a unique experience to Manhasset, where our local customers could benefit from finding the perfect outfit, the equipment necessary and all the encouragement needed to pursue their hobby,” explained co-founder Fiona Branchinelli.

And for the last year, Branchinelli and fellow co-founder Shauna Devardo, a pair of Manhasset moms and tennis players, have been doing just that, providing its customers not only to the latest equipment and apparel, but also helping to create its own community to help grow the games we love.

The idea was first hatched over a glass of wine, with Fiona and Shauna  realizing that this may be the perfect time in both of their lives to take this idea and turn it into something.

“It was a moment in our lives when we both had the time, energy and commitment to do something fun and creative that would encompass both our interest and our passion,” said Devardo. “The store was launched in May of 2022. Finding the actual brick-and-mortar location was not as challenging as we had imagined and we found the perfect place, nestled on the main street amidst restaurants, coffee shops and salons; the perfect spot to launch our unique brand.”

The store, which they refer to as a “Sportique”, combining both fashion and sport needs, has a wide array of selections for tennis players of all levels and ages, and has expanded to offer other sports.

Beyond tennis, 40 Love Lifestyle includes badminton, pickleball, racquetball and even golf. The goal of 40 Love Lifestyle is to provide its customers with equipment and apparel that inspires you to feel your best while being active and living your best life.

Part of its brand is not just selling products, but bringing people together, which means hosting events to further showcase that they are not just a business on main street, but a part of the community themselves.

“The tennis community has been so welcoming and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know them and helping them to further their love of tennis,” said Branchinelli. “We recently held a tennis mixer for all our customers, where we enjoyed an evening of fun, tennis, pizza and wine to try and create an all-encompassing social event for all levels of players. The event also supported a local charity, the Harlem Junior Tennis & Education Program. We hope to build on the success of this event by continuing this type of activity in the new year.”

What began as an idea between two women who had a mutual love of tennis and wanting to share that with others has blossomed into a successful shop in the affluent neighborhood of Manhasset, and helped build a community of like-minded people.

Branchinelli and Devardo are a shining example of following your dreams and making it happen. Between their shared passion for tennis and other racquet sports, the dynamic duo have built something that they hope becomes a pillar of the tennis community and beyond. It’s their unique approach to running a retail shop that has them excited of what lies ahead.

“We like to think that our enthusiasm, love of the sport, and our flair for fashion and sporty trending gear gives the edge over our competitors, all wrapped up in a friendly neighborhood feel,” said Devardo. “Everyone is invited to stop in for a coffee or a chat, whatever their game!”

You can learn more about their vision, and all they have to offer, by visiting 40LoveLifestyle.com.


Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman is the Senior Editor for Long Island Tennis Magazine. He may be reached at brianc@usptennis.com