JavaFit Gives Back to Tennis Community Through Participation in Wheelchair Tennis Program
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

JavaFit has announced the launch of their JavaFit Gives Back Program designed specifically to assist no-profit organizations to help raise money for causes. All the monies and commissions earned from the sales of a JavaFit product from a National Tennis Association for the Disabled (NTAD) affiliate will go directly to benefit National Wheelchair Tennis. JavaFit offers what has been described as “functional gourmet coffee,” packed with vitamins and nutrients, and sized so that the avid coffee drinker doesn’t have to brew up an entire pot of coffee in a single-serve use delivery system.

“Our current programs for wheelchair players and MS players are in need of your support,” said Dan Dwyer, managing partner and head tennis professional at Point Set Racquet Club. Dan was the first chair of the USTA Wheelchair Tennis Committee. “These programs are free to anyone with MS or in a wheelchair. To keep these programs going and to help those in need, we need your help.”

Javalution Coffee Company was founded in 2003 when two friends were seeking a way to stay fit, have more energy and have a simple way to achieve their fitness goals, all without undergoing major lifestyle changes. It was at that point that they had a “Javalution” and determined that coffee was the way to go. The JavaFit product is the brainchild of Scott Pumper, who currently serves as the company’s president. Scott was intrigued by the explosive growth of companies like SOBE and the emergence of Vitamin Water in the fortified food category, and questioned why no one was doing this with coffee as a delivery system. This led to his collaboration with Jose Antonio, who as a sports nutrition scientist, developed the formula for perfectly blended gourmet coffee with scientifically proven fortified nutrients resulting in the creation of JavaFit.

“Through participation in the JavaFit Gives Back Program, you will help support wheelchair tennis, patients with MS and other disabilities by enabling Point Set Racquet Club continue to offer free wheelchair tennis programs to those in need,” said Dwyer.

For more information on how you can support wheelchair tennis through the JavaFit Gives Back program, contact Dan Dwyer by phone at (516) 536-2655 or e-mail