Open Tennis Court Rates
  | By Stephen G. Sombrotto

David Cooper, who currently resides in Washington, D.C., was going to be on Long Island visiting relatives for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend. He loves tennis and found the Maverick Tennis Labor Day Pro Set Challenge online at USTA tennis link. Although he was too late to register for the singles draw, tournament director Stephen Sombrotto invited him to participate in the doubles draw and offered to find him a partner so he could participate. Dave and his new partner, Lenny Bonacasa, went on to win all six of their pro sets, defeating Warren Espiritu and Victor Mercado in the final.

“It was a pleasure to play with Dave, he is a great player, but also a great guy and we had a lot of fun,” said Lenny Bonacasa.
The 10-team doubles draw was played on Sunday, and followed Saturday’s 16-player singles draw which featured some of the best USTA players from around the New York region. Steve Hu went on to win his second Maverick Tennis event, defeating Phil Rabinovich in the finals.
The round-robin pro set format allowed everyone to enjoy playing some different opponents, and provided plenty of tennis for all participants. Keep an eye out for more Maverick Tennis events over the fall and winter.
Stephen G. Sombrotto

<p>&nbsp;Stephen G. Sombrotto is Maverick Tennis tournament director. He may be reached by phone at (516) 807-3716 or e-mail</p>