A closer look at Jericho High School’s Amanda Hyman
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. I think a lot of us are familiar with that expression, but it is also one of those statements that is easier said than done. Setbacks in tennis and/or life are not always easy to handle, especially when you are in high school, but 16-year-old Amanda Hyman has persevered and is now reaping the benefits of her persistence.

Amanda is a junior playing on the Jericho High School junior varsity girl’s tennis team this season. Amanda’s high school tennis experience began well when, as a freshman, she made the junior varsity team and enjoyed a successful season.
However, as a sophomore, she faced something unexpected, as she was cut from the team. After playing as a freshman, she fully expected to make the team as a sophomore. But after a sub-par few days at tryouts, she received the bad news from the coach. Disappointed and embarrassed, most high school tennis players would have backed away from the sport instead of dealing with the reality of the situation.
Not Amanda Hyman.
After only a few days of admitted self-pity and with the support of her tennis pro Emilie Katz and her mother Beth, Amanda got back into good spirits and decided she wasn’t going to let this happen again the following season. She was going to keep practicing and get ready for the next season.
“This year, I came into tryouts excited and not nervous at all,” said Amanda.
She had practiced and prepared herself mentally and physically for the challenge of tryouts. With that preparation, came great results. She was confident and played well and then got the good news one day at school. It was on a Tuesday afternoon when she received the exciting news that she had made the 2009 junior varsity girl’s tennis team at Jericho High School. The lessons, practice and positive mindset had finally paid off . 
This season, as this latest issue of Long Island Tennis Magazine went to press, the Jericho junior varsity girl’s team record stood at 7-1, and Amanda, with a 7-1 record playing doubles, is a big reason why.
“I have enjoyed being one of the oldest on the team, mentoring the younger girls on the competition and match play,” said Amanda.
She has gotten the opportunity to play doubles with her friend, Jillian Shakin, which has made it even better.
“The girls on the team are friends, we support each other at matches and it’s a great feeling,” said Amanda.
After high school tennis is over, the thing Amanda says she will miss the most is “just practices, laughing with the girls, and chillin’.”
To other girls and boys who have experienced the disappointment of not making the cut at tryouts in tennis or any other sport for that matter, Amanda says the lessons she learned is to “Keep practicing and never giving up because in the end, it will be worth it.”

Amanda will keep that in mind over the next nine months and will come back next season to reach her next goal of making the Jericho varsity girl’s tennis team.