| By Debbie Cichon

Quick Start Tennis is an exciting new play format for teaching tennis skills to children. The program was developed by the United States Tennis Association to bring children into the game by utilizing specialized equipment and shorter court dimensions, all tailored to age and size. With this program, children will be taught the basic skills that will help develop hand-eye coordination and proper movement. The goal is for children to develop tennis skills, and more importantly, have fun while doing so.

Carefree Racquet Club, located in North Merrick, N.Y., is one of the first clubs on Long Island to implement the Quick Start Program for three- to five-year-olds. They use large foam balls which bounce lower and travel slower, making it easier for the children to hit the ball, over lower nets. They also use smaller racquets, making it easier for tots to handle them. Colorful teaching aids, fun games and constant activity also keep the children stimulated and wanting to come back for more.

The Quick Start Tennis program enables children to have early success with tennis and also teaches teamwork, while improving concentration and motor learning development.









Debbie Cichon

<p>Debbie Cichon is coordinator of the Quick Start Tennis Program for Tots at Carefree Racquet Club in North Merrick, N.Y. She may be reached at (516) 489-9005 or e-mail <a href="mailto:tennistrk@optonline.net?subject=QuickStart%20Tennis%20Inquiry">te...@optonline.net</a>.&nbsp;</p>