From Boomer, the interactive ball machine
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Using The 1/3 Rule for drilling and competing

Competition allows you to work on shot selection, tenacity and focus. Drilling allows you to concentrate on pure execution of a particular skill (volley, serve, approach shot, etc.). Both drilling and competing are necessary to improve your game.
Competition time can be further improved using “The 1/3 Rule.” This rule dictates to: Play weaker players 1/3 of the time to learn how to win; play stronger players 1/3 of the time to raise your game; and play equal opponents 1/3 of the time to put it all together.
This theory also applies to drilling. Spend 1/3 of your time on easy shots grooving fundamentals; 1/3 of your time with hard shots improving your footwork and "scrambling;” and 1/3 of your time on consolidating these skills on medium shots.
Set Boomer to accommodate The1/3 Rule
Boomer is a unique, interactive ball machine, using a camera, audio system and computer to literally “see” the position and speed of every shot, and then react appropriately when firing the next ball. Use The 1/3 Rule drilling against Boomer, by adjusting Boomer's level below, above or equal to your own. Then, switch Boomer for real-life games and matches, also at varying skill levels, and have fun while improving your game!
For more information, call Dave Jordan at (888) 8BOOMER or e-mail (ask about the special Long Island summer rental offer).