| By Rob Glickman

Rob Glickman presents his Top 10 tips to improving your on-court game …

1. Work hard
Enjoy the process of learning and competing.

2. Keep your eye on the ball
Try to focus on the ball as it enters your strings.

3. Bend your knees on ground strokes
You cannot be too low. Imagine that you are skiing or surfing.

4. Move your feet and take short steps
The closer you are to the ball, the shorter the steps must be.

5. Maintain constant movement
Hit and move … do not stand and watch.

6. Get the ball over the net and in the court
If you should miss the shot, miss it long or wide, but never into the net (you have zero chance to win the point if the ball goes into the net).

7. Point of contact
Freeze your eyes and head at the point of contact on every stroke.

8. Racket head speed
Accelerate from slow to fast on ground strokes and serves.

9. Never give up, play with good sportsmanship
The match is not over until the final point is completed.

10. Early preparation on ground strokes
There is no substitute for being ready too quickly for the ball.

Practice the “Four Cs of Tennis”
Control, Consistency, Concentration and Confidence

If you work on the first three Cs, you will achieve the confidence to take your game to the next level. Have fun … tennis is a lifetime sport.

Rob Glickman

<p>Rob Glickman is a USPTA Pro 1 on Long Island with over 30 years of tennis experience. He was a former varsity tennis player for Michigan State University and is presently the director of junior tennis at Crestwood Camp in Melville, N.Y. He may be reached by phone at (516) 576-0920 or e-mail <a href="mailto:arteach97@aol.com?subject=Re%3A%20Long%20Island%20Tennis%20Magazi...@aol.com</a>.</p>