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On April 30, the Commack High School Boys Tennis Team, along with Sportime Kings Park, held a community tennis awareness day. The event invited children of all ages to come out for a day of tennis drills and fun activities, led by the Commack Boy's Team along with staff from Sportime.

“This is great fun for the community and we love getting kids out to play and give the game a try. It’s an awesome way to introduce tennis to the kids,” said Anil Nandkumar, co-captain of the Commack Boys Tennis Team.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in attendance from the past year and hope to continue this yearly tradition,” said Commack Coach Shane Helfner.

Children were engaged in all aspects of the sport, as they moved from court to court, including forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads and even many agility drills.

Event participant Morgan Tesch said, “I’ve played tennis before and love all the activities, my favorite game was the racquet switching game.”

It was clear all those who had played tennis or never played before had a blast from the moment they picked up the racquet.

“I was a part of events like this when I was younger, and I hope it helps the children grow up and want to keep with tennis and join a team when they get to high school,” said Jake Horowitz, co-captain of the Commack Boys team. This was one of few events that allow all children to come out and get taught the game of tennis or enhance their skills for two hours by a great coaching staff at no cost.

“In short, the event is a great way to kick off the summer tennis season and allows those without the opportunity to play to come out and give the sport a try,” said Darrin Cohen of Sportime Kings Park.

To conclude the event, all participants were given a trophy for their great effort in learning the game of tennis.


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Anthony Pastecchi

<p>Anthony Pastecchi is an editorial and marketing assistant with Long Island Tennis Magazine. He is currently an undergrad at C.W. Post and participant in the honors program. He is also a USTA volunteer and coach for Hicksville Community Tennis. He was recently named USTA/Eastern-Long Island Region 2011 Junior Volunteer of the Year.</p>