Open Tennis Court Rates
  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro

The night before an event often determines who the winner is. The loser will be anxious, worried, distracted, thinking of troubling things, and above all, never be thinking of how good a player he or she actually is.

The winner, on the other hand, will be remembering who they are and will recall and own their talent. This will allow them to relax, rest, practice a bit (but not too much) and be ready to enjoy the match. The winner knows there will be ups and downs, but that they are a good player and can easily bounce back from a bad point.

The mindset of the loser focuses on anxiety and how tough the opponent will be. The winner does not do this, but rather, thinks more about his past wins. You can determine the winner versus the loser by this mindset, so try to learn the winner’s mindset by practicing the above points.

Dr. Tom Ferraro

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