| By Dr. Tom Ferraro

Tennis is a sport for the intelligent. The smarter you are, the better a player you will be. The reason for this is simple … the smart player has the chance to read the opponent’s weaknesses during warm-up and during the first part of a match. Maybe their backhand is weak or maybe they are not as fit as they could be.

The smart tennis player will be able to read the opposition’s weaknesses and then proceed to exploit these weaknesses during the match. A player who is not fit should be forced to run all match long. A player with a weak backhand should be forced to hit backhands. Strategy is a key to great tennis. I have noticed that a player will often know what their opponent’s weakness is, exploit it once or twice, and then give up on this strategy. This is usually a big mistake.

The exploitation may take some time to have an effect, but sooner or later, this strategy will work for you. So, your job is to discern your opponent’s weakness during the beginning of the match, develop a strategy to exploit it and patiently stick to the game plan. Do this and you will be winning more matches, I guarantee it.


Dr. Tom Ferraro

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