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Introducing the hottest sport on sand ... Beach Tennis!
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Take the fun and fast-paced sport of tennis, and combine it with the sun, sea and sand of the beach ... and you have beach tennis, the most electrifying new sport to hit the U.S.

Beach tennis merges the worlds of tennis and beach volleyball into one exciting sport. It can be played both competitively and recreationally and because it’s so simple to play, it appeals to athletes and non-athletes of all ages.

So, what exactly is beach tennis? It’s like regular tennis, except it’s played on a regulation beach volleyball court. Using beach tennis paddles, two players on each team volley back and forth, hitting a slightly depressurized tennis ball directly over the net without letting it bounce ... it’s hard to make the ball bounce on sand! One hit per team is all that’s allowed.

Your team scores a point each time your opponents hit the ball outside the lines or let it hit the sand.

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