| By Sunny Fishkind

 As the assistant coach of men’s and women’s tennis at Hofstra University, I had the pleasure of starting the team off this year, but was truly happy when our athletic director hired a new head coach, Amanda Foukas. The team has been truly impressed with Coach Foukas, as she has great plans for both the men’s and women’s programs. If you get a chance, read all about Amanda on the Hofstra University Web site, www.hofstra.edu.

It was exciting hosting the Presidential Debate at Hofstra on Oct. 15. Coach Foukas and I had to move out of the tennis office and had to hold practices elsewhere. We were lucky enough to be so close to Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, and were able to get courts there. Our practice sessions were seen by many of the Eisenhower regulars and they were quite impressed with our teams. We also hope to have them as well as some of you participate in some of the fun fundraisers we are planning for the spring when the weather turns great again (I just realized that “fun” is part of fund!) Our court situation at this time is truly not great and we are hoping things change.
This has really been an interesting and a fun season so far. Coach Foukas and the team have been getting to know each other and she has been getting them into shape. They have complained a little about running the steps outside of the PFC, but the results are beginning to show. Not only are the calf muscles taking shape, but they are moving easier and puffing less on the court. They are burning up those calories and breaking a good sweat.
Our men’s team has not been showing great because we only have five players: Four were recruits and one walk on. Therefore, we have to forfeit number six singles and third doubles every match, but we did take two victories: One against Boston University by a score of 4-3 and another against Bryant by a 5-2 margin. We might have won at Hartford as well, but we were rained out when the score was tied at two.
Our biggest win so far was against our Colonial Athletic Association rival, the George Mason Patriots. We went there not expecting much, but had a grueling match. Usually, doubles go first, but this time, George Mason’s coach decided to put singles on first. I think he was ready for an easy win because of our five players. At the end of singles, the score was tied at three. In order to win the final point, we had to take both doubles, as doubles are eight game pro sets. Number one doubles took the match 8-4. It was now up to second doubles. How exciting it was when it went to a tie-breaker at eight all! Then, victory for Hofstra who took the tie-breaker 7-3, leading us to a 4-3 victory.
Our women’s team is another story and a good one at that. As of the writing of this column, our record is 6-1 and we are looking good.

Things are really exciting for the Hofstra tennis program, and we are eagerly awaiting the spring season. Check out our schedule online at www.hofstra.edu, and drop by to watch some exciting tennis action this spring.

Sunny Fishkind

<p>Sunny Fishkind is assistant coach of Hofstra University&rsquo;s men&rsquo;s and women&rsquo;s tennis teams, and College Representative on the USTA/Long Island Board. She may be reached by e-mail at <a href="mailto:sunny77@optonline.net ?subject=Re%3A%20Long%20Island%20Tennis%20Magazine">sunny77@optonline.net.&nbsp;</a></p>