| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Ubisoft announced that Racquet Sports, the multisport game that includes tennis, ping-pong, badminton, squash and beach tennis is now available on North American retail shelves, exclusively for the Wii system from Nintendo. The game will be released in EMEA territories on March 25 under the name Racket Sports Party. Racquet Sports is rated “E” for everyone and delivers an engaging and interactive experience for the entire family.

Racquet Sports engages players in 40 rich graphical environments in worldwide locations including an underwater reef, a Moroccan palace, a New York loft and a fan-filled stadium. The multiplayer feature in Racquet Sports allows the family to play cooperatively with each other or to compete against each other. Compatible with the Wii MotionPlus accessory and Ubisoft’s Motion Tracking Camera for Wii, players will experience easy-to-use controls that precisely simulate their movements and will be able to play in multiple gameplay modes, from party to championship mode.

Racquet Sports offers unprecedented realism and pinpoint gameplay mechanics, bringing every serve, swing and backhand to life while replicating the experience in the comfort of the living room.

Racquet Sports is sold at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $29.99. The game also comes bundled with Ubisoft’s Motion Tracking Camera and is priced at $39.99.

For more information, visit www.racquetsportsgame.com.