Got Tennis
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

BOLT Sports LLC, NY has introduced two new tennis racquet models, a 12-pack racquet bag and related apparel into its product line to coincide with the U.S. Open. The new racquet models, the B98.light and the B100.light, feature ZipStrip, BOLT’s spring-suspension design. According to BOLT, the head-light balance of the new racquets makes them easy to swing and makes faster racquet head speeds easier to attain as compared to previous even-balance models.

“The combination of faster racquet head speed with stiff BOLT frames and the extra dwell time afforded by our ZipStrips, is a ferocious recipe for extreme-velocity spin, particularly when coupled with polyester type strings,” said BOLT Director Brett Bothwell.

The B98.light is for tournament-caliber players seeking a head-light, yet powerful and solid racquet with good feel.

►B100.light: 100 square inches, 10.5 ounces (strung), three points head-light, 27 inches long
The B100.light is suited to a wide range of recreational players, from beginner to semi-pro. The 100.light is easy-to-swing, forgiving and super comfortable.

►B98.light: 98 square inches, 11.1 ounces (strung), five points head-light, 27 inches long
“The 98.light gets us into the mix with tournament juniors, a critical market for our future growth, and the 100.light has appeal for 3.0 and 3.5 players who are, of course, also critical to our future,” said Bothwell. “The player response to our ZipStrip design has been off the charts, but one certainly can’t appeal to the entire market from pros to beginners with just a few frames. This introduction is the first of many more ahead as we expand the product line to include a wider range of sizes, weights, and balances, and to cover the full range of player types and playing levels in the future.”

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