| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

We’ve all purchased racquets that have had the manufacturer’s logo painted on the strings. Does this add any excitement or fun to your game? The answer is no. It won’t make you play like Roger Federer or Serena Williams. So, why do we leave it there. There is an option that adds excitement to your game, unity to you team which may strike fear in your opponent, depending on the option you choose. I am talking about a creative stencil from Racquet Art.

Through their Web site, RacquetArt.com, you can choose from more than 50 different pictures to stencil on the strings of your racquet. Add some fun with a smiley face or some fear and distraction with a skull and crossbones. If you don’t see what you are looking for, Racquet Art can design an image from your artwork. They are inexpensive and bring a smile to your face each time you take out your racquet.

For leagues and school teams, in addition to fun, why not use a common stencil to show team unity to your opponent. The stencils are made from high-quality, stencil plastic and can be used over and over. One stencil can be used for the entire team.

“Many teams have ordered custom logos for their team racquets,” said Michael Waroff, owner of Racquet Art. “It brings a special sense of unity and pride when everyone takes out their racquets and the entire team raises the same flag, so to speak.”

In addition to the stencils, Racquet Art sells premium stencil ink in 10 exciting colors. Some colors are better on light strings, some are better on dark strings. They have an ink color for everyone. The inks are sold in one and eight ounce containers with a felt tipped applicator pre-installed in the bottle. To paint the image on the strings, all that is necessary is to give the bottle a slight squeeze and run the applicator over the opening in the stencil on the strings. Racquet Art includes full instructions with the stencils and on their Web site.

Next time you go to your stringer to have your racquets restrung, make sure you tell them that you want a fun stencil from Racquet Art. Show some fun and excitement with your racquet.