| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Long Island Tennis Magazine is dedicated to growing tennis on Long Island and also supporting the local tennis community that comprises a good portion of our readership base. We were recently approached by the Nassau County High School Committee about sponsoring a Boys & Girls High School Coach of the Year Award and thought it could be a great idea. Working with Shai Fisher, BOCES Section VIII Nassau County Girls Tennis Coordinator; Barry Kubit, BOCES Section VIII Nassau County Boys Tennis Coordinator; and Mike Pavlides, BOCES Section VIII Assistant Coordinator for both the Boys and the Girls, we have come together on a set of criteria for the award that will grant the award to a very worthy winner.

The criteria is as follows:

1-Sportsmanship and character
2-Overall team improvement from one season to another
3-Community outreach
4-Overall final record

"It will be nice for the High School Tennis Committee to be able to honor and recognize high school coaches each season. This award will recognize the many coaches who exhibit sportsmanship, grow the game of tennis and have success as role models as well as winning. There are many coaches that are successful despite not being blessed with an abundance of tennis talent in their schools," said Barry Kubit BOCES Section VIII Nassau County Boys Tennis Coordinator.

The award will be given to a coach that best fits into a combination of these categories. The coach will be nominated by the High School Tennis Committee. The plan is for the award to be given to the winning coach at the Nassau County Championship Individual Tournament when the County Coordinator gives his welcome speech. The first winner of the Long Island Tennis Magazine Nassau County Coach of the Year Award will be starting with this upcoming Boys season. Long Island Tennis Magazine visits high school matches throughout the season to give out free magazines and take photos of the players and interviews the players and coaches. This will be a fitting close to the season. 

"We are looking forward to working with Long Island Tennis Magazine to continue recognizing the fabulous high school tennis players in Nassau County, as well as their high school coaches," said Shai Fisher, BOCES Section VIII Nassau County Girls Tennis Coordinator.