| By Kathy Miller

First and foremost, I hope everyone is recovering from Superstorm Sandy. I know we had many players affected by the storm and my heart goes out to all of you. I am hoping that you are all starting to get some normalcy back in your lives!

Tri-Level League
The men’s playoffs are complete, with the Sportime Syosset team, captained by Ian Shapiro, beating the Nassau Indoor team, captained by Jonathan Klee. Congratulations to both teams for a great season. The final round of the women’s playoffs, were played as this issue went to print (the weekend of Dec. 23). The first place Rockville Racquet squad, captained by Lynnette Cruz, is hosting the second place team, Sportime Lynbrook, captained by Jackie Clark … best of luck to both teams. The winning women’s team, along with Ian Shapiro’s men’s team from Sportime Syosset, will compete at the Section Championship in Albany, N.Y. the weekend of Jan 19-20.

Mixed-Doubles League
The Mixed-Doubles League started the beginning of November with teams at the 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 Levels. The deadline to add players is Tuesday, Jan. 15th. I know many matches were postponed due to the storm, and due to the amount of matches that need to be played, please get these rescheduled as soon as possible. Playoffs for the divisions begin in May with the Section Championship in Albany, N.Y. set for the weekend of May 31-June 2.

USTA Men’s and Women’s Leagues
I have received e-mails and phone calls regarding the new rules, and there is a lot of misinformation going around. The following is the correct information on how this is going to work, and if you hear anything different … it is not correct!

►Adult 18 & Over League: For the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 Divisions, play will consist of two courts of singles and three courts of doubles. This is the same as it has always been, nothing has changed. As it has been in the past, players have to be 18 years of age in the calendar year to play. The 2.5 Division is one court of singles and two courts of doubles as it’s always been. The one change is the 5.0 Division, which is now the 5.0+ Division. What this means is, this Level can have two 5.5 players on the team. Only one can play per match and must play first singles or first doubles. This is also a three court format with one court of singles and two courts of doubles.

►Adult 40 & Over League: This league will consist of the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and the new 4.5+ Divisions with play being two courts of singles and three courts of doubles. For the 4.5+ Division two 5.0 Level players are allowed on the team. Since this is the five-court format, both players can play in the same match, but must be in first singles or first doubles.

►Adult 55 & Over League: This League will be at the combined rating Divisions of 6.0 (a 2.5 player and a 3.5 player or two 3.0 players), 7.0 (a 3.0 player and a 4.0 player or two 3.5 players), 8.0 (a 3.5 player and a 4.5 player or two 4.0 players) and 9.0 (a 4.0 player and a 5.0 player or two 4.5 players). This League will consist of three courts of doubles.

►Adult 65 & Over League: This League will also be a combined ratings league with divisions of 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0. This League will also consist of three courts of doubles.

The most common misconception I have been hearing is that all levels can have two above level players on their team. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. It is only the 5.0+ Division in the 18 & Over League and the 4.5+ Division in the 40 & Over League. Other than that, the only changes are the age requirements.

I will be getting a letter and registration form to all of last year’s captains in February, for the upcoming season which will start as early in May as court time allows. If you would like to start a new team, please e-mail me at kathym65@aol.com.

This will be an exciting new year with the leagues and I look forward to seeing you all. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

Kathy Miller is the manager at Carefree Racquet Club and is also the Adult League Coordinator for USTA/Long Island. She may be reached at kathym65@aol.com.