| By Gary Simeone

Bethpage State Park Tennis Directors Steve Kaplan and Keith Kambourian held their Fourth Annual Coaches Workshop at the Bethpage Park Tennis Center on Sunday afternoon. The event which ran from 5:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. helped high school coaches with training tips, performance drills and insights in to how to improve their player's overall tennis games as the 2013 boys season is set to begin today on Long Island.

"The idea behind the workshop is to try and build a bridge between coaches and training pros to open the lines of communication," said Kambourian. "We provide some insight into the game and they can ask us any questions or express concerns that they may have."

Kambourian spent the session explaining some of the more misunderstood rules associated with a tennis match. He focused on controversial aspects of match play, including lets, foot faults, injury timeouts and allotted times on changeovers.

"Many coaches and players don't understand some of the rules that have been instituted by the ITF, (International Tennis Federation)," said Kambourian. "They are important to know especially during a competitive match where every point counts."

Kaplan demonstrated a number of drills for coaches, including ball toss workouts and proper grip techniques to use when serving.

"There are a number of high school players who do not use the continental grip when they serve, and this reduces the speed and topspin on the ball," said Kaplan. "It is important for coaches to work with them on this aspect of their game."

Kaplan and Kambourian both agreed that the workshop help gives coaches and players someone to talk to in the tennis world and expect to continue putting on these events in the future.

Steve Kaplan and Keith Kambourian, hosts of the Fourth Annual Coaches Workshop at the Bethpage Park Tennis Center


Keith Kambourian (right) explains some rules of the game to attendees of the Fourth Annual Coaches Workshop at Bethpage Park Tennis Center


Gary Simeone

<p>&nbsp;Gary Simeone is writing intern/public relations associate for <em>Long Island Tennis Magazine</em>.</p>