Looking to play college tennis
  | By Luke Jensen

The game of tennis played by the pros of today is explosive and exciting to watch. Back when I played on the ATP Tour in the late 1980s and most of the 1990s, not many players could, what I call, "Turn a Point.” What I mean is to take a defensive situation like being put on the run or pulled off balance, and with one swing, turn it into immediate offense and take control of the point.

Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi and the Williams Sisters are players who would hurt you with this kind of play. The big four these days—Fed, Djoker, Rafa and Murray—all have different stroke techniques, but can burn you with amazing swings from all areas of the court.

How can this tactic work for you at your level of play? I believe that a mindset to hit down the line can be a big difference in your results. Nothing can turn the momentum in your favor like a few quick groundies down the line for winners. Most players do not use this play because it is over the high part of the net or they lose confidence when missed. I'm a big believer in hitting down the line. Try it next time you are on the court and "turn it" on your opponent. I am sure you will enjoy watching them as the ball goes past them for a winner!

Use the tactics of the pros and win more when it counts!

Luke Jensen

Raised in Ludington, Mich., Luke Jensen’s resume includes 10 ATP Tour doubles titles. He was also a member of the U.S. Davis Cup teams that reached the finals in 1991 and won in 1992. His ambidextrous play, including his ability to serve the ball with either hand at 130 mph, earned him the nickname “Dual Hand Luke.” Luke is currently director of racket sports at West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, N.Y. He may be reached by phone at (315) 403-0752 or e-mail LukeJensen84@yahoo.com.