| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

The selections have been released for the 2013 USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships, which will be held Nov. 7-11 at the USTA BIllie Jean King National Tennis Center. Among those invited locally are Jamie Loeb and Julia Ebalba in the women's draw and Columbia's Winston Lin in the men's draw. The event showcases elite players from every level of college tennis, and serves as the culmination of the fall season. Hosted by Columbia University, the event features a 32-player singles draw and a 20-team doubles draw for men and women.

Gaining automatic entry into the tournament are champions from the USTA/ITA Division I Regional Championships held across the country in October, winners of the USTA/ITA National Small College Super Bowl, and the consolation champions, doubles finalists, men's singles quarterfinalists and women's singles semifinalists from the ITA Men’s and Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships.

Singles (Field of 32)

​►Winston Lin (Columbia) - Northeast Regional Champion
Mitchell Frank (Virginia) - All American Champion
Guillermo Alcorta (Oklahoma) - All American Runner-Up
Julian Lenz (Baylor) - All American Semifinalist
Gonzales Austin (Vanderbilt) - All American Semifinalist
Patrick Pradella (Baylor) - All American Quarterfinalist
George Goldhoff (Texas) - All American Quarterfinalist
Austin Smith (Georgia) - All American Quarterfinalist
Jared Hiltzik (Illinois) - All American Quarterfinalist
Clay Thompson (UCLA) - All American Consolation Champion
Deni Zmak (Embry-Riddle) - Small College Super Bowl Champion
Malte Stropp (Mississippi State) - Southern Regional Champion
Nathan Pasha (Georgia) - Southeast Regional Champion
Hunter Reese (Tennessee) - Ohio Valley Regional Champion
Henry Craig (Denver) - Mountain Regional Champion
Joran Vilegen (East Carolina) - Carolina Regional Champion
Peter Kobelt (Ohio State) - Midwest Regional Champion
Diego Galeano (Baylor) - Texas Regional Champion
Carlos Lopez Villa (Old Dominion) - Atlantic Regional Champion
Axel Alvarez (Oklahoma) - Central Regional Champion
Yannick Hanfmann (USC) - Southwest Regional Champion
Campbell Johnson (Cal) - Northwest Regional Champion

At-Large - Greg Andrews (Notre Dame) - Midwest Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Brett Clark (North Carolina) - Carolina Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Mikelis Libietis (Tennessee) - Ohio Valley Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Alex Sarkissian (Pepperdine) - Southwest Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Nik Scholtz (Ole Miss) - Southern Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Dane Webb (Oklahoma) - Central Regional Runner-up
ITA Wild Card - Andrew Harris (Oklahoma) - #2 in Freshmen Newcomers Rankings
ITA Wild Card - Ray Sarmiento (USC) - #8 in Preseason Rankings
USTA Wild Card - Marcos Giron (UCLA) - #6 in Preseason Rankings
Host Wild Card - Max Schnur (Columbia)

Doubles (Field of 20)
Mikelis Libietis/Hunter Reese (Tennessee) - All American Champion
Mackenzie McDonald/Marcos Giron (UCLA) - All American Runner-Up 
Ross Guignon/Tim Kopinski (Illinois) - All American Consolation Champion
David O'Hare/Joe Salisbury (Memphis) - Ohio Valley Regional Champion
Deni Zmak/Simon Felix (Embry-Riddle) - Small College Super Bowl Champion
William Kallberg/Stefan Lindmark (Ole Miss) - Southern Regional Champion
Benjamin Lock/Marco Nunez (Florida State) - Southeast Regional Champion
Jose Bendeck/Cristobal Ramos (Idaho) - Mountain Regional Champion
Rafael Aita/Sam Williams (UNC-Wilmington) - Carolina Regional Champion
Robin Goodman/Ravi Patel (Drake) - Central Regional Champion
Peter Kobelt/Kevin Metka (Ohio State) - Midwest Regional Champion
Shea Thomas/Jorge Azuero (Liberty) - Atlantic Regional Champion
Lloyd Glasspool/Soren Hess-Olesen (Texas) - Texas Regional Champion
Chase Melton/Greg Bayane (Cal) - Northwest Regional Champion
Max de Vroome/Eric Johnson(USC) - Southwest Regional Champion
Sam Fleck/Chris Vrabel (Cornell) - Northeast Regional Champion

At Large - Junior Ore/Jackon Withrow (Texas A&M) - Texas Regional Runner-Up
At Large - Andreas Bjerrhus/Amerigo Contini (Virginia Tech) - Atlantic Regional Runner-Up
USTA Wild Card - Gordon Watson/Elliott Orkin (Florida)
Host Wild Card - Ashok Narayana/Max Schnur (Columbia)

On the women's side, there ended up being 12 at-large bids given out instead of 10 since Texas A&M's Christina Stancu, who had already qualified as an All-American semifinalist, won the Texas Regional and since Stanford's Kristie Ahn decided not to attend. On the doubles side, there were two additional at-large bids awarded due to UCLA's Jennifer Brady qualifying with two different partners (Anderson-All American's & Harrison-Southwest Regional) and due to Stanford's Taylor Davidson and Ellen Tsay deciding not to attend.

Singles (Field of 32)
►Jamie Loeb (North Carolina) - All American Champion
►Julia Elbaba (Virginia) - All American Consolation Champion

Robin Anderson (UCLA) - All American Runner-Up
Lauren Herring (Georgia) - All American Semifinalist
Cristina Stancu (Texas A&M) - All American Semifinalist & Texas Regional Champion
Valentine Confalonieri (Lynn) - Small College Super Bowl Champion
Lucia Batta (UNLV) - Mountain Regional Champion
Ronit Yurovsky (Michigan) - Midwest Regional Champion
Channelle Van Nguyen (UCLA) - Southwest Regional Champion
Beatrice Capra (Duke) - Carolina Regional Champion
Pluen Burgmans (Auburn) - Southern Regional Champion
Silvia Garcia (Georgia) - Southeast Regional Champion
Kanyapat Narattana (Oklahoma St) - Central Regional Champion
Kanika Vaidya (Columbia) - Northeast Regional Champion
Kristie Ahn (Stanford)  - Northwest Regional Champion - Will Not Attend
Danielle Collins (Virginia)  -  Atlantic Regional Champion
Georgina Sellyn (Vanderbilt) - Ohio Valley Regional Champion
At-Large - Emina Betkas (Michigan) - Midwest Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Jennifer Brady (UCLA) - Southwest Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Alexandra Cercone (Florida) - Southeast Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Kiah Generette (Baylor) - Texas Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Lorraine Guillermo (Pepperdine) - #29 in Preason Rankings
At-Large - Jenny Jullien (St. Mary's) - Northwest Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Maho Kowase (Georgia) - #14 in Preseason Rankings
At-Large - Sofie Oyen (Florida) - #16 in Preseason Rankings
At-Large - Rachel Pierson (Virginia) - Atlantic Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Nadia Ravita (Kentucky) - Ohio Valley Regional Runner-Up
At-Large - Zsofi Susanyi (Cal) - #4 in Preseason Rankings
At-Large - Abigail Tere-Apisah (Georgia State) - #37 in Preseason Rankings

ITA Wild Card - Breaunna Addison (Texas) - #10 in Preseason Rankings
USTA Wild Card - Sabrina Santamaria (USC) - #1 in Preseason Rankings
USTA Wild Card - Hayley Carter (North Carolina) - Carolina Regional Runner-Up
Host Wild Card - Bianca Sanon (Columbia)

Doubles (Field of 20)
Robin Anderson/Jennifer Brady (UCLA) - All American Champion - Brady playing with Harrison
Giuliana Olmos/Zoe Scandalis (USC) - All American Runner-Up
Brooke Bolender/Emina Bektas (Michigan) - All American Consolation Champion
Emma Onila/Linda Fritschken (Barry) - Small College Super Bowl Champion
Paige Miles/Tereza Berkova (Utah) - Mountain Regional Champion
Ronit Yurovsky/Sarah Lee (Michigan) - Midwest Regional Champion
Jennifer Brady/Catherine Harrison (UCLA) - Southwest Regional Champion
Breaunna Addison/Pippa Horn (Texas) - Texas Regional Champion
Mia Lancaster/Whitney Ritchie (Oklahoma) - Central Regional Champion
Pleun Burgmans/Emily Flickinger (Auburn) - Southern Regional Champion
Kendal Woodard/Megan Kurey (Georgia Tech) - Southeast Regional Champion
Hayley Carter/Jaime Loeb (North Carolina) - Carolina Regional Champion
Tina Jiang/Crystal Leung (Columbia) -  Northeast Regional Champion
Taylor Davidson/Ellen Tsay (Stanford) - Northwest Regional Champion - Will Not Attend 
►Julia Elbaba & Rachel Pierson (Virginia) - Atlantic Regional Champion
Julia Fellerhoff/Rebecca Shine (Louisville) - Ohio Valley Regional Champion

At-Large - Brynn Boren/Zoe Katz (USC)
At-Large - Lauren Herring/Maho Kowase (Georgia)
At-Large - Stefania Hristov/Cristina Stancu (Texas A&M)
At-Large - Jackie Kasler/Jennifer Pfiefler (Auburn)
USTA Wild Card - Kaitlyn Christian/Sabrina Santamaria (USC)
Host Wild Card - Bianca Sanon/Kanika Vaidya (Columbia)