| By Irina Belfer-Lehat

Proper nutrition is one of the most important components of a competitive tennis player. An athlete, cannot reach their full potential at any sport without fully understanding how their body works and what is needed in order to sustain energy and prevent exhaustion, dehydration and cramping during an athletic event. Remember … it’s always the fittest athlete that comes to the finish line first.

In the professional tennis world, a nutritionist is always an important asset to a team of tennis coaches, physical therapists, conditioning/fitness experts and sports psychologists. Proper nutrition will help an athlete improve their game and achieve maximum competitiveness during an event.

Athletes are increasingly relying on the importance of proper nutrition and hydration prior to an event. Athletes achieve peak performance by eating and drinking a variety of specific foods.

Irina Belfer-Lehat has founded Nutritional Solutions on the premise that through education, young and old alike can be empowered to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Irina has been a clinical dietitian for 13 years. Her experience has allowed her to gain a broad understanding of how proper nutrition and nutritional education can profoundly impact everything from how we feel to our athletic performance.

Utilizing her vast knowledge, Irina has developed educational programming geared towards all athletes and those looking to live a more healthy existence.

Program 1: Athletes
Proper nutrition is one of the most important components of an athlete’s performance and ensures that you avoid fatigue, cramps and poor stamina. Irina will carefully assess your needs and design a nutritional program that ensures you are performing at your peak during competition.

Program 2: Adult
Whether you are a college student cooking for the first time, an adult with diabetes or just someone looking to shed a few pounds, Irina introduces quick and easy adjustments to your lifestyle that will result in a big impact on how you feel.

Program 3: Family
This unique program applies a holistic approach to nutrition, tailor made for your family. It begins with a home visit, where Irina learns about your family’s health history, lifestyle and food preferences. Based on her findings, she will then customize a session that includes the whole family and allows each member to take control of their nutritional well-being.

Program 4: Young Adult
Today's youth are constantly bombarded with conflicting messages from celebrities and TV commercials showcasing size-two bodies and sugar-laden cereals. Irina will help install positive body image and healthy habits. The youth program is perfect for schools and youth centers and is appropriate for elementary-aged through high school-aged children.

For more information, contact Irina at irinalehat@gmail.com or call (917) 769-8031.

Irina Belfer-Lehat

Irina Belfer-Lehat of Nutrition Solutions Co. is a New York State-licensed dietitian and certified dietitian-nutritionist. Irina Lehat RD Nutrition Solutions offers group classes starting in September, for kids in kindergarten through high school. Small groups, affordable prices! Mention this article and receive 20 percent off any services. For more information, call (917) 769-8031, e-mail irinalehat@gmail.com or visit www.irinalehat.com.