| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Where did the idea for ZEMgear come from?
Christina Bracken: Today's ZEM Collection of Wind, Water, Sand and Land shoes have a unique history. In the beginning, a group of beach volleyball athletes asked us to solve a problem. They wanted a shoe to protect them from hot and cold sand, and debris that could injure them. We designed a shoe that combined natural motion, protection and had the WOW factor of total flexibility. Our product and performance testing is done during a top notch sports camp with about 250 athletes to ensure that the product works as it should. The 'Original Ninja' design was created through this research. We took the intense feedback and suggestions of our participating athletes and developed a unique collection of high-performance, sand sports shoes.

What's unique about your product?
Bracken: We make high performance footwear that doesn’t follow the traditional idea of thick midsoles with inserts either in the heel area or mid-foot. We believe that a naturally functioning and articulating foot delivers more benefits to the user, and offers a lightweight solution to many of the problems that our feet encounter. We developed a unique tech-band technology that allows us to deliver a super lightweight and stabile product without the bulk and weight of a traditional shoe. We have already received two Industry Awards for Innovative Footwear Design. Not to mention, our designs are colorful and simply look cool.

What has the consumer reaction been?
Bracken: "Wow!" is usually what we hear when people encounter a pair of ZEMs for the first time. People who try our shoes on find them very comfortable, functional and fun.

What have been the most popular products/styles?
Bracken: For beach tennis, beach volleyball and soccer, we recommend the Original Ninja and Playa styles. Split and round toes, and high and low styles are available. Our Sand Collection is very popular with top athletes who look for top performance and lateral stability you cannot get from "sand sock brands.”

For SUP'ing (Stand-Up Paddling), the O2 and the H20 are most popular due to their easy-on/easy-off uppers and the award-winning outsole. Of course we have many other styles for all activities revolving around wind, water, sand and land. Find us at www.ZEMgear.com for more information.

“ZEM” stands for the Zone of Endless Motion. Born in Miami, it's a place where we believe anything is possible. Through our creations, we reflect Miami’s culture, diversity, fun-and-sun side, and of course, the activities that surround life in and around Miami, the ocean and the beaches.

Find more ZEMtastic products at www.zemgear.com and get free products, tips and more on ZEM’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ZEMgear.