Got Tennis
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and ServeMaster have announced that the two will be partnering together and doing a co-promotion of their respective products. Lenny Schloss, founder of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, and Lisa Dodson, founder of ServeMaster, announced that that two brands will be coming together to further promote their “Eye at Point of Contact” products.

“Despite the fact that the Eye Coach is already used for serves, this combining of effort was a natural fit for both companies,” said Schloss. “This gives the Eye Coach an expanded capacity to help with serves and Lisa Dodson the expansion into all strokes. Both products are geared around training your mind and body to work in teamwork to concentrate where you hit the ball.”

The partnering of the two companies will combine the benefits that each product offers.

“ServeMaster, like the Eye Coach, accelerates the learning curve by developing better focus, keeping the head still through the stroke, and gaining an instinctive feel for the skill being taught,” said Dodson. “Both products offered to both the retail market and for coaches to assist with their selected training regimen. Our markets are the same, but more importantly, our dedication is to produce better tennis players and therefore to expand tennis. That’s why we’re in business.”