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Ace Tennis Builders
PO Box 107 ♦ Woodbury, Conn.
(203) 263-0773 ♦ www.acetennisbuilders.com

The “Forever Court” Guaranteed Not to Crack
We have developed the “Forever Court,” a post-tensioned concrete tennis court with a unique coating system that is “Guaranteed Not to Crack for 20 Years.”

Available for residential or commercial courts, the “Forever Court” can be built as new or overlaid over existing asphalt or clay courts.

Post-tensioned concrete is changing the way tennis courts are built by allowing slabs to be built without cut-joints or expansion joints. The durability is unsurpassed, and when you start with a base that won’t crack, heave or settle, whatever surface system you use on top will last longer and play better.

We have been in the construction and concrete business for four generations. Michael Fortuna has also been project manager for several tennis court construction companies before he started Ace Tennis Builders in 2013.

“My vision was to offer our customers the best tennis court on the market by improving the process of tennis court construction by using the best materials, the best methods and the best contractors we could find,” said Fortuna. “We believe we’ve done that.”

We are certified by the Post-Tensioning Institute, are a member of the American Sports Builders Association and the American Concrete Institute, and are the “Official Post-Tension Concrete Tennis Court Builders Company of USTA New England.”

Call us for more information or a quote over the phone at (203) 263-0773.


Century Tennis
56 Brook Avenue ♦ Deer Park, N.Y.

(631) 727-0097
Since 1965, Century Tennis has been dedicated to the growing sport of tennis by building quality tennis courts and providing a specialized service to the tennis club industry as well as the private community. Maintaining a high quality of service and customer satisfaction over the years, the owners and staff at Century Tennis have built, not only great tennis courts, but have built a trust that is ever so hard attain.

“We simply want to be the best at what we do.”

In order to build great tennis courts, you have to start at the bottom with an understanding of soil conditions and converting it to a good base. With a solid base, we can use our latest technologies, such as laser-controlled graders, to build the rest. Whether it is asphalt or the most durable post-tensioned concrete base, we offer the best solutions for long-lasting play.

Building the right surface that fits our client’s needs is an important part of our business. Whether it is a hard court with the softness of Deco-Turf or Classic Turf Rubber, or whether it is a soft court like Har-Tru or Hydro Court, or a surface that offers a little of both like Nova Synthetic Turfs, we can deliver.

We are members, in good standing, with the American Sports Builders Association, Better Business Bureau and the Long Island Builders Institute. Our building techniques meet and or exceed those of the ASBA and the USTA and with our “Certified Tennis Court Builder” staff assures this quality. Our intention is to deliver the very best tennis courts for the most demanding players and tennis club owners.

“Expanding the game of tennis, one court at a time.”


Har-Tru Sports
2200 Old Ivy Road, Suite 100 ♦ Charlottesville, Va.
(877) 442-7878 ♦​ www.hartru.com

The first Har-Tru court was constructed in Hagerstown, Md. in 1932 and the brand was born. Har-Tru is consistent, timeless and intimately acquainted with some of the greatest moments in the history of the game.


Har-Tru Sports is a global, values-based, sports company with its roots in the tennis industry. Our expertise in tennis includes well over 200 years of collective experience on our team. Based in Charlottesville, Va., Har-Tru is the leading provider of clay courts, court consultation, court accessories and maintenance equipment in the tennis industry.

We are proud of our legacy of developing innovative tennis products, dating back to the 1970s when we developed our first complete line of brushes and line sweepers and the first tennis court roller. From court maintenance products to shoe cleaners to court organizers and products that enhance the player experience, the company continues to evolve its existing products and develop new ones.

With a focus on developing champions worldwide through innovative products, Har-Tru Sports, one of the business divisions operated by Luck Companies, is best known for its Har-Tru brand of clay courts and uses its products, knowledge, advocacy and passion to further the development of tennis champions around the world. The company ships products around the world and its global reach includes courts in Canada, Australia and China, with a focus on innovative green technology to provide world-class products. For more information about Har-Tru Sports, visit www.hartru.com.


Lux-Craft Inc.
2220 Voorhies Avenue ♦ Brooklyn N.Y.
(718) 934-3600 ♦ (917) 417-5361
luxcrafters@gmail.com ♦​ 
Since 2010, Lux-Craft Inc. has been involved in research and development of the newest LED technologies for sport facilities.

In 2013, we installed the first ever 100 percent LED system for indoor tennis at Robbie Wagner Tennis Academy. Building on successful installation with amazing results, our team continued the research in order to improve the product line even further. Today, through hard work and dedication we are the only company who is able to deliver indirect LED lighting with direct replacement capability of old HID systems.

Our goal is to provide top quality LED lighting systems. Our systems outperform old 1,000-watt HID systems by delivering crisp and clear lighting, while reducing electricity cost by as much as 70 percent. By utilizing the latest technologies with years of research and development we are able to make conventional light sources to become a thing of the past.

No other lighting systems on the market today are comparable in quality and light level output. Currently, the company has a line of lighting for indoor arenas, but that line will soon be complimented with outdoor lighting. Early results indicate that new revolution in outdoor LED lighting for sports venues is just around the corner. Our new outdoor fixtures will minimize the glare and provide bright day-like lighting.

In order to achieve consistent quality, only the latest technologically advanced components are used, and final assembly is completed in the United States. We provide a three-year full guarantee, with the option to extend the guarantee to five years.

Since our systems deliver substantial energy savings, many of our clients qualify for government-sponsored rebate programs.

We understand that anything new is met with skepticism, that is why we invite you to contact us. We would eagerly provide as much information as possible and facilitate the tour of completed installations at our home on Long Island, N.Y.


MBR Builders
Contact: John Conti
(888) 852-0223 ♦ 
MBR Builders is a nationwide expert in all facets of construction and renovations of metal buildings for the indoor tennis market.

With more than 50 years of combined experience of their highly qualified staff, MBR offers a full range of services for your tennis club.

Besides being a Certified Butler Builder for new construction and re-roofing systems, MBR Builders also works closely with their clientele to provide easy and cost-efficient ways to lower operating costs of their existing buildings.

With a multitude of high quality insulation and lighting systems, MBR Builders can match your individual club needs to the perfect energy-efficient system for your facility. MBR’s offers LED lighting systems, such as The Watt Slayer Series, which have been extremely successful in reducing energy consumption, while giving their clientele the light levels they desire.

MBR Builders also offers a quality line of indoor tennis accessories, including custom backdrop curtains and divider nets. Check out MBR’s Web site at www.mbrbuilders.com to learn more about their services or request a free estimate.

MBR’s services include: New construction, re-roofing, interior ceiling systems, lighting systems, curtains and wire work, and tennis accessories.

Take that first step to the exceptional tennis facility of your dreams!


Outdoor Living FX
Mt. Sinai, N.Y.
(631) 882-1932 ♦​ www.outdoorlivingfx.com

How do you have fun?
For more than 20 years, our talented staff has transformed the landscape of many Long Island homes.

Whether you enjoy spending hours with friends on your multi-purpose game court, practicing your short game on your own putting green or entertaining around your outdoor living space, let our creative design team build it for you!

Outdoor Living FX specializes in:

►Extreme Waterfalls/Grottos/Slides

►Multi-Purpose Courts/Putting Greens

►Outdoor Kitchens/Fireplaces/Pizza Ovens

►Adventure-Themed Landscapes

Call today to schedule your transformation at (631) 882-1932.


RiteWay LLC
4 Sycamore Way, Suite 7A ♦ Branford, Conn.
(203) 433-4791 ♦ www.RiteWayTennis.com

If you cannot afford to do it right … can you afford to do it again?

You’ve heard that before, it’s not just a catchy rhyme, it’s our mantra. Traditional crack repair methods can leave unsightly patches that don’t last—resulting in frequent and costly repairs. The installation is so unique that many tennis court owners cannot believe its proven success until they see it for themselves.

The RiteWay System utilizes exclusive technology that allows the existing cracks in your court to move without breaking the repair. Tennis court cracks expand and contract with changes in temperature, freezing, thawing and with use. To insure a long-lasting, durable and seamless repair, we use the Rite-Way Crack Repair System.

RiteWay is a layered system that becomes an integral part of the tennis court and results in an invisible repair which is not affected by weather or temperature. It not only keeps cracks from coming back, but it eliminates dead spots, hollow sounds and bubbling common with other systems.

No hollow-sounding areas. No dead spots. No bubbling. A true bounce … guaranteed.

We’ve seen the other systems on the market, but no other overlay system can give you the RiteWay results or guarantee. A RiteWay repair comes with a two-year conditional warranty and is priced 50 percent to 75 percent below the cost of reconstruction. RiteWay will keep your court looking new and playing safe, year after year.


Velvetop Products
1455 New York Avenue ♦ Huntington Station, N.Y.
631) 427-5904 ♦​ 
Velvetop Products is a family-owned and operated business since 1968. We are a stocking distributor of a full line of tennis court materials and equipment.

Our brands include:

►Deco Turf: Cushioned Tennis Surface of Champions

►Har-Tru: Developing Champions Since 1932

►Douglas Sports: Nets, Windscreens, Divider Nets

►RiteWay Crack Repair Systems

►Deep Root: Tree Root Barriers

►Hadeka Red Clay

For more information, call (631) 427-5904, e-mail bwalsh@velvetop.com or visit www.velvetop.com.