| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine features one of the most prestigious sports medicine programs on Long Island. This program is led by our Orthopedic Surgery Sports Medicine Specialists Dr. Charles Ruotolo, Dr. Richard McCormack and Dr. Paul Pipitone. For those not in need of surgery, this program also features Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Brett Spain, alongside Musculoskeletal Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Luis Alejo.

The Sports Medicine Program treats all types of athletes with any injury that can occur in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee or ankle. All three physicians are specially trained in the diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of overuse and acute sports injuries. This includes common injuries or conditions that a tennis player may suffer from, such as:

►Shoulder dislocation
►​Labral injuries
►​Rotator cuff injuries
►​The evaluation and treatment of the overhand athlete
►​Elbow tendonitis
►​Elbow ligament injuries
►​Osteochondritis of the elbow or knee
►​Biceps and triceps tendon tears
►​Hip labral tears and femoroacetabular impingement
►​Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tears
►​Meniscus tears
►​Chondral injuries
►​Patella chondromalacia
►​Knee and hip osteoarthritis
►​Patellar and quadriceps tendon tears and tendonitis
►​Medial and lateral collateral ligament tears
►​Ankle sprains
►​Ankle osteochondral defects
►​Achilles tendon tears and tendonitis
►​Overuse injuries of the leg

In addition, Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine takes great pride in helping athletes prevent an injury before they even have a chance to occur. One of the most notable is the ACL injury prevention program, which uses the most current neuromuscular techniques to significantly reduce the risk of an ACL injury. The main component of this program would be the use of plyometric exercises and balance training. The athlete will focus on proper foot and leg position while running, cutting, jumping and landing, while also improving their strength, balance, flexibility and speed.

"As orthopedic specialists, our goal is to not only treat injuries when they occur but try to prevent them with advanced neuromuscular training. We believe that getting an athlete back to their sport is a team approach, which is why we create collaborative treatment programs with trainers, coaches, athletes and physical therapists." said Dr. Charles Ruotolo who was recently voted the top orthopedist on Long Island.

Our surgeons provide services at several hospitals, including Nassau University Medical Center, North Shore University Hospital at Syosset and South Shore Surgery Center.