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The Nassau County individual singles and doubles tournament got underway this past weekend with the top players from all across the county competing at Oceanside High School for a chance to be crowned county champion.

Mother nature spoiled the fun on Saturday morning, the tournament’s opening day, as a rain delay suspended play for awhile. The first, second and quarterfinal rounds were played over the course of Saturday and then resumed on Sunday morning.

The semifinals and finals for both singles and doubles will be played on Saturday, May 16 at Oceanside High School.

A pair of sophomores will meet in the semifinals of the singles draw, as top-seed Yuval Solomon of Plainview JFK will play New Hyde Park’s Pete Siozios. In the other semifinal, the second-seed Keegan Morris of Sewanhaka/Carey will tangle with Brady Berman of Jericho.

In the doubles draw, Syosset’s top-seeded duo Daniel Shleimovich and Dylan Granat will play their Syosset teammates, Nikhil Rajesh and Spencer Lowitt in one of the semifinals. The other semifinal will pit Great Neck North’s Alan Delman and Simon Kashfi against Cold Spring Harbor’s Sean Mullins and Patrick Hannity.

Below are the complete results from this weekend’s action at the county tournament:

Boys Singles
First Round
Cavallero (Carle Place) d. Sica (Cold Spring Harbor) 10-5
Plesser (Oceanside) d. Muralidharan (Farmingdale) 10-4
Lempert (Roslyn) d. Douglas (Long Beach) 10-0
Lizaso (Glen Cove) d. Gromov (Mepham) 11-10 (7)
Berman (Jericho) d. Cecere (Oceanside) 10-1
Kaslow (Port Washington) d. Paul (Herricks) 10-4
Ammendola (Farmingdale) d. Sawhanev (Herricks) 10-1
Srisuro (Sewanhaka/Carey) d. Zuckerman (Hewlett) 10-8
Clare (Mepham) d. Cohen (Oceanside) 10-8

Second Round
Solomon (Plainview JFK) d. Cavallero (Carle Place) 6-0, 6-0
Plesser (Oceanside) d. Zimmerman (Valley Stream South) 6-1, 6-0
Sandler (Lynbrook) d. Lempert (Roslyn) 6-1, 6-2
Siozios (New Hyde Park) d. Lizaso (Glen Cove) 6-1, 6-1
Berman (Jericho) d. Ghaffar (Massapequa) 6-2, 5-7, 6-3
Kaslow (Port Washington) d. Chow (Glen Cove) 4-6, 6-3, 7-6(1)
Ammendola (Farmingdale) d. Srisuro (Sewanhaka/Carey) 6-1, 6-2
Morris (Sewanhaka/Carey) d. Clare (Mepham) 6-4, 6-2

Solomon (Plainview JFK) d. Plesser (Oceanside) 6-1, 6-0
Siozios (New Hyde Park) d. Sandler (Lynbrook) 6-2, 0-6, 7-6(5)
Berman (Jericho) d. Kaslow (Port Washington) 6-2, 6-4
Morris (Sewanhaka/Carey) d. Ammendola (Farmingdale) 6-0, 6-2

Boys Doubles
First Round
Rajpal/Canarick (Syosset) d. Nossen/Bauman (Bellmore JFK) 10-6
Horn/Moehringer (Calhoun) d. Donohue/Bodovitz (Garden City) 10-5
Liebman/Jaslow (Roslyn) d. Wiss/DaCosta (Massapequa) 10-0
Shah/Sarf (Herricks) d. Jenco/Sloman (Plainedge) 10-5
Tine/Ogeturk (North Shore) d. Chang/Varma (Manhasset) 10-5
Hakimian/Jung (Great Neck North) d. Mintz/Tanner (Wantagh) 10-0
Sclar/Simonetti (MacArthur) d. Anthony/Davis (South Side) 10-6
Berlinsky/King (Great Neck South) d. Lee/Birch (Valley Stream Central) 10-4
Kadakia/Deveau (Carle Place) d. David/Goetz (Calhoun) 10-3
Lander/Lee (Plainview) d. Chelius/Tiss (South Side) 11-10(5)
Wohlgemuth/Cyrulnik (Oceanside) d. Ibrahim/Tiff (Calhoun) 10-6
Serignese/Yoshinaga (Port Washington) d. Smith/Bauman (Bellmore) 10-1
Anglim/Weiner (East Meadow) d. Morales/Quintana (Glen Cove) 10-4
Wexler/Reddy (Jericho) d. Pagan/Olekska (Plainedge) 10-4
Grossman/Lowitt (Syosset) d. Gesuale/Barry (Long Beach) 10-6
Goldman/Nussdorf (Wheatley) d. Kamal/Jha (Hicksville) 10-4
Galin/Mohan (Roslyn) d. Kokkinos/Catlett (Manhasset) 10-4
Martinovic/Johnson (Locust Valley) d. Gomez/Zuckerman (Baldwin) 10-5
Kaplan/Irom (Roslyn) d. Spector/Singh (Friends Academy) 11-10(4)
Kaplan/Muller (Cold Spring Harbor) d. Kowalsy/Kaiser (Oyster Bay) 10-8
Bradford/Corwen (North Shore) d. Bloch/Levy (Jericho) 10-8
Rawal/Ramakrishnan (Herricks) d. Calio/Ehlinger (Farmingdale) 10-2

Second Round
Shleimovich/Granat (Syosset) d. Rajpal/Canarick (Syosset) 10-0
Liebman/Jaslow (Roslyn) d. Horn/Moehringer (Calhoun) 10-7
Andoot/Cohen (Great Neck North) d. Shah/Sarf (Herricks) 10-8
Reinharz/Ardito (South Side) d. Tine/Ogeturk (North Shore) 10-4
Rajesh/Lowitt (Syosset) d. Hakimian/Jung (Great Neck North) 10-5
Berlinsky/King (Great Neck South) d. Sclar/Simonetti (MacArthur) 10-4
Lander/Lee (Plainview JFK) d. Kadakia/Deveau (Carle Place) 10-3
Arena/Carmi (Cold Spring Harbor) d. Wohlgemuth/Cyrulnik (Oceanside) 10-4
Delman/Kashfi (Great Neck North) d. Serignese/Yoshinaga (Port Washington) 10-4
Wexler/Reddy (Jericho) d. Anglim/Weiner (East Meadow) 10-1
Goldman/Nussdorf (Wheatley) d. Grossman/Lowitt (Syosset) 10-8
Holweger/Yu (Manhasset) d. Galin/Mohan (Roslyn) 10-3
Egna/Egna (Port Washington) d. Martinovic/Johnson (Locust Valley) 10-1
Kaplan/Irom (Roslyn) d. Kaplan/Muller (Cold Spring Harbor) 10-7
Rawal/Ramakrishnan (Herricks) d. Bradford/Corwen (North Shore) 10-7
Mullins/Hannity (Cold Spring Harbor) d. Coghill/Ready (Massapequa) 10-0

Third Round
Shleimovich/Granat (Syosset) d. Liebman/Jaslow (Roslyn) 10-5
Reinharz/Ardito (South Side) d. Andoot/Cohen (Great Neck North) 10-8
Rajesh/Lowitt (Syosset) d. Berlinsky/King (Great Neck South) 10-4
Lander/Lee (Plainview JFK) d. Arena/Carmi (Cold Spring Harbor) 10-8
Delman/Kashfi (Great Neck North) d. Wexler/Reddy (Jericho) 10-4
Holweger/Yu (Manhasset) d. Goldman/Nussdorf (Wheatley) 10-2
Kaplan/Irom (Roslyn) d. Egna/Egna (Port Washington) 10-7
Mullins/Hannity (Cold Spring Harbor) d. Rawal/Ramakrishnan (Syosset) 10-0

Shleimovich/Granat (Syosset) d. Reinharz/Ardito (South Side) 6-1, 6-0
Rajesh/Lowitt (Syosset) d. Lander/Lee (Plainview JFK) 6-2, 6-0
Delman/Kashfi (Great Neck North) d. Holweger/Yu (Manhasset) 6-4, 6-3
Mullins/Hannity (Cold Spring Harbor) d. Kaplan/Irom (Roslyn) 6-0, 6-3

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