| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

With spring arriving, it’s the time of year again where tennis players and fans can get off the indoor courts and head outside to play. To kick off the 2015 outdoor season, Pine Hollow Country Club recently hosted its annual Meet and Greet event, welcoming its members onto the outdoor courts for some match play, instructional drills and an overall fun day of tennis.

The event serves as a great way for the tennis members at Pine Hollow to interact with each other and continue to get to know one another as the busy tennis season approaches.

“The people, all the staff, the events they run,” said Pine Hollow member Mike Ferber on what brings him back each year. “It’s still not nice out yet, but we had a nice turnout today. The consistency with the staff is what I think keeps people coming back. The people are just very nice and there is a lot of comradery.”

While it wasn’t perfect spring time weather outside, the sun was shining and being able to hit outside in the fresh air is always a positive.

“Being outside is just a tremendous difference,” said Ferber. “It is so much nicer, just the smell in the air. As long as it’s not too windy, even with a little cold, you can still play.”

Beyond the instructional drills, there were also courts open for players to hit around, play matches and even a court which had fun activities for young kids.

"Right now our club is thriving and there is great energy. We have many new young members with growing families and our tennis community is expanding at a nice pace," said club member Sandra Sklar. "Ricky Becker has really helped to jump start our tennis program and help to create fun events that everyone can enjoy.  Its a very relaxed environment for tennis players who want to enjoy the social game."

On court, the captains of the men’s and women’s teams at Pine Hollow were looking forward to the start of the season.

“Hopefully, we’ll be going to the championship again this season,” said Pine Hollow Captain Stacy Ferber.

Wayne Hochberg, captain of the men’s team, said, “We just want to keep rolling onward and upward.”

Pine Hollow is looking forward to one of its biggest summers to date. The tennis program, headed by Tennis Director Ricky Becker, is set to offer more events than most clubs on Long Island, and gives its members something to do each week.

“We have more and more players, and a lot of the events are getting busier and busier,” said Becker. “Each year, our teams keep getting better and better, so hopefully we can compete for a club championship. I feel like we definitely have more events than other clubs. We have at least one scheduled event every single day from the beginning of May through late August.”

Becker was extremely pleased with the turnout at the Meet and Greet event, and is proud of the membership base he has at Pine Hollow.

“For a high-end club, we have an extremely nice membership,” Becker said. “As Pine Hollow tennis director, I am very lucky and I think the members appreciate that as well.”