Looking to play college tennis
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Improve focus, gain confidence and win more points with new ScoreBand Watches

ScoreBand PLAY and ScoreBand PRO are the perfect tennis accessories for players of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner learning to play and score, or an advanced player that gets caught up in long intense rallies, ScoreBand scorekeeping watches let you maintain focus on the game, not the score. With a ScoreBand on your wrist, you become the court authority. No more losing points, or rhythm due to scoring disagreements with your opponent. TAKE CONTROL OF THE COURT!

ScoreBand PLAY … for basic scorekeeping:

►Four modes (Tennis, Time, AllScore, Golf)

►Three color options (Blue, Gray, Pink)


Need to play a tie-break? Just switch over to AllScore Mode and track your tie-break score one-by-one. With three fashionable colors and one-size-fits-all, there’s a ScoreBand PLAY for everyone.

ScoreBand PRO … the most advanced scorekeeping device available:

►Five Modes (Tennis, Time, Stopwatch, AllScore, Golf)

►Two color options (Black or White)

►Two sizes (Small or Large)

►DATABAR technology for multiple data point viewing

ScoreBand PRO helps take your game to the next level by adding Stopwatch mode and DATABAR Technology. The DATABAR offers three unique data views within each mode. In Tennis Mode, you can choose to view the current time, the elapsed match time, or the current set score, all while keeping score of the current game on-screen. ScoreBand PRO scores up to five sets, provides a server indicator, and a tiebreak scoring option. After the match, use the review function to relive your victory set-by-set.

For more information on ScoreBand PLAY and ScoreBand PRO, visit www.scoreband.net or call (888) 722-0444. Order from the ScoreBand Web site and take 10 percent off with discount code “LI10.”