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  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Best Lights has spent the past three years researching and developing its Triangular LED™ 630-watt indirect series. Its design incorporates stable, economical and durable components. Through the use of a proprietary reflector Best Lights is able to produce more light using less wattage and has solved many of the frustrating problems associated with LED luminaries.

By introducing its Triangular LED™ design, Best Lights gains superior stability and light performance, while protecting the LEDs from bugs and dust collecting on top of them. This design also allows the elimination of the need for lenses, which reduce light output by 20 percent. LEDs create a tremendous amount of heat, and if that heat is not drawn away from the back of the LED board through heatsinks, the LED will lose life and light output. Best Lights’ heatsink system and active air design allow superior performance protecting the LEDs from overheating, allowing them to operate well below the maximum temperature rating, which in turn, allows the LED to produce more light and last longer.

Manufacturing indirect lights over 21 years, Best Lights has perfected its reflectors. They magnify and reflect the light out of the luminaire at the correct angles with the intensity to reflect off the ceiling, eliminating hot spots or hot lines seen on the ceilings in other designs. The outer housing has a stiffing rib rolled into the side, which strengthens it for durability. The silent dimmable electronic drivers are inside the luminaire. Whether installing new lights or replacing existing lights, installation is simple and easy. Best Lights’ designs utilize the existing wiring and attachment points.

Best Lights 630-watt Triangular LED™ Indirect series produces more light than a brand new 1,000-watt HID lamp in your existing fixtures. When your goal is to reduce energy cost, Best Lights’ luminaire pays for themselves through electricity savings. Having the best-lit facility will generate new members, thus leaving your competitors in the dark. Just another benefit to having Best Lights.

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