| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

At PRACTICE, the philosophy is simple and honest … everyone can live a vibrant, balanced and healthy life. PRACTICE speaks to the truth that all are a work in progress–body, mind and soul.

In today’s world, fitness extends beyond the physical training needed for tennis or one’s sport. Headlines highlight top athletes’ inclusion of yoga, Pilates and other mind-body disciplines to rehab and avoid injuries, better condition the body and improve mental focus and awareness, thus creating a new reality called “Inner Fitness.”

Located in Roslyn, N.Y., PRACTICE offers a constellation of practices and master practitioners who are dedicated to your athletic performance and personal evolution in body, mind and soul. Services include yoga, Pilates, meditation, mindfulness, Reiki & energy healing, massage, nutrition, integrated wellness consultations, acupuncture, and corrective exercise, and elite personal training sessions.

Benefits include:

Improved flexibility and focus

►New body awareness and confidence

►Strengthening, ease of movement and healing

►Weight loss

►Restoration and relaxation

►Greater connection to self and others

►Experience of inner peace, balance and well-being

►Proper breathing

►Relief from chronic injuries and new capacities

PRACTICE invites you to practice, learn, delve, enjoy and ultimately transform your athletic performance and your life! For more information, call (516) 858-3095 or visit PracticeBodyMindSoul.com.