| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo credit: Brian Coleman

The Sportime World Tour continued with a Beijing-themed day to mirror the recent Beijing Open from the ATP/WTA World Tours. The tour swept through Sportime Lynbrook and consisted of a full day of tennis, food and tons of fun.

The last stop of the 2015 tour had a little something for everybody. There were on-court clinics where kids went through different drills to improve their tennis game, but there was also a bounce house, Asian-style cuisine, music and many games and activities. 

“It definitely exceeded my expectations,” said Danny Casesa, director of tennis at Sportime Lynbrook. “The staff makes it all come together, and we get great cooperation from all the parents and kids which makes it work well.”

The key to this type of event is making the kids feel as if they are playing in a professional atmosphere. There was a red carpet by the entry where kids had their "passports" stamped and then their photo taken. They also were interviewed at the Long Island Tennis Magazine Broadcast Table.

“I am having a great time,” said John Henry Mills. “The food is really good and the tennis is so much fun.”

DJ Curtis McCalla kept everybody entertained while they ate and waited for their group to be called onto the playing courts. On the courts, different instructors went through varying drills and games to help each player have fun while also improving their game.

“This year, I think we did a better job on improving the on-court coaching,” said Casesa. “We put together a better plan in moving the kids around, organizing the schedule and really maximizing the kids’ court time.”

Jason Wass, who has overseen all of the World Tour events, said they are constantly adding 
things to make each event better than the last.

“We’ve learned a lot over the last year. The demand has been huge and we have added our Web site (www.SportimeNY.com/worldtour) which has all of our pictures and articles from previous events as well as give players the opportunity to register for upcoming World Tour events,” said Wass. “To me, the fun is making each stop on the tour a bit different from the previous events and keep the players and their fans coming back and back again.”

The Sportime World Tour will make its first stop of 2016 on Jan. 23, when it stops at Sportime Kings Park for a Melbourne-themed event. The 2016 Australian Open begins that same week.

Credit all photos to Brian Coleman