| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo Credit: Emma Fein

With the BNP Paribas Open taking place this week out in California, the Sportime World Tour continued its trek through the world’s tournaments, with an Indian Wells-themed event at Sportime Syosset.

The stop was the first on the World Tour in 2016 and it did not disappoint. There were tennis courts packed with kids of all levels throughout the day, DJ Curtis keeping everybody entertained with music and contests, and delicious food and even a bounce house.


“We wanted to create an event that was more about the actual event than winning or losing,” said Jason Wass, the director of the Sportime World Tour. “It’s all about fun. We have food, prizes, a DJ and Long Island Tennis Magazine was here. The kids get to play a lot of tennis, but it’s really about having a good time on the tennis court as opposed to just wins or losses. That’s the major philosophy on the world tour and what we are doing with our U10 programs as well.”

Each participant is given their own individual passport when they walk in, really giving the event an international feeling. Parents are able to watch their kids go through all the different drills on the courts, and also enjoy the food, music and other entertainment the Sportime World Tour offers.

“I like it,” said Josh Berger while his son Zach was on court. “It’s a great way to bring kids from surrendering areas in here and play tennis. It’s a fun event.”

“It was very enjoyable,” said Kayla Castellano. “I love that we were able to hit a lot and use the full court instead of just half of it.”


The event is the product of Sportime’s philosophy on early tennis development and their programs for young players.

“We want to get as many kids playing as possible,” said Wass. “This creates a pathway for them to get into tournaments, and not feel the pressure. We have a lot of people who say: “I’m not ready to play.” This event is based on level, so everyone is ready to play out of the gate. That way, even our brand new players can come participate in the world tour.”

The World Tour will make its next stop on May 14 at Sportime Massapequa for a French Open-themed event.