| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

The new lightning-fast Donnay-Xenecore SuperLite 114 is one of the most maneuverable tennis rackets ever made, thanks to its solid Xenecore construction throughout the frame that is twice as light and three times as strong as conventional hollow rackets. Solid-core construction is the key to the SuperLite 114 that breaks the eight-ounce stationary barrier, and, combined with its head-heavy balance results in the easiest-to-swing racquet ever and unprecedented power, control and stability due to its hammer-like balance, wide beam, oversized head and extra length. That a frame, filled throughout, can be lighter than conventional hollow rackets, is a testament to the ultra-light/super strong properties of the patented Xenecore material.

The SuperLite 114 has an easier swing weight–nine percent more maneuverable than the current Head Graphene XT Instinct PWR and the Head TIS6 that broke the nine-ounce weight barrier years ago and remains one of that brand’s best-sellers.

“Swing weight” is how heavy (or light) a tennis racket feels when it is in motion. The formula for determining swing weight is a racquet’s stationary weight, combined with its balance and length. Any racket under nine ounces needs a head-heavy; a head-light balance makes the racket wilt at ball contact.

The SuperLite’s Xenecore solid-core construction also results in a dampening buffer that silences racket shock that can lead to arm injuries which has been a cautionary criticism of conventional lightweight rackets.

The SuperLite’s plush comfort and its mobile-missile qualities suit a wide range of player types from those who rely on racket quickness at net and at the baseline, more racket-head speed on serves and players subject to fatigue during long matches. It’s also a boon for wristy players, because its easy maneuverability allows them to impart even more spin.

The SuperLite is suited to older and smaller players who will appreciate the increased shot pace and depth. The SuperLite also eliminates the need for junior racquets because its swing weight is equivalent to many of those 26-inch learner frames.

For more information, visit Xenecore.com and click on “Donnay Tennis.”