| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Thirteen-year-old Mia Vecchio has reached new heights ... literally. Now up on the Long Island Expressway by Grand Avenue is a billboard with Mia's photo and the message "Hey NY, If She Can't Do It, No One Can." It's a very exciting day for the Vecchio family, who have had this plan in the works for the last few months. According to her father Rudy Vecchio, "the reason we worked with multimedia corp with that particular slogan is because in the next couple of years, she will be the face of New York tennis, because of her will and desire to turn pro while everyone else goes to college."

There are two more billboards of Mia set to go up, one by Citifield and one on the Major Deegan. There are a number of city buses and railroad ads of Mia throughout the city, as well as on buses in Manhattan.

Mia, who just finished the seventh grade, played for Herricks High School in the fall and was undefeated at first singles and qualified for the Nassau County tournament. In addition, she is currently ranked number 18 in the Eastern Section combined rankings for Girls 14's.

The future looks bright for Mia. In the coming year, Mia will be home schooled to allow more flexibility in her schedule. She will practice twice a day for two hours at a time to get ready to turn pro. And the Vecchio's, who have an autistic son, have started a non-profit organization called "Aces for Autism," which Mia will head in a few years when she gets a bit older.

For more information on Mia's road to becoming a professional tennis player, visit www.miavecchio.com.