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It can get really overwhelming not only for a consumer, but also for a registered dietitian with hundreds of new products popping up on the shelves of the supermarket. While some products are just repackaged goods that look brighter and cooler, but still have "poor" nutritional value, others are worth giving a shot and trying at home. I took some time to analyze my local supermarket, and here are my recommendations for this summer … enjoy!

The Spiralizer
If you haven't gotten in on zoodles, now is the time! Buy a Spiralizer: A simple hand-held one or a larger countertop version. You can use zucchini, beets and squash.

One recipe to make zoodles is to season noodles with red chili peppers, garlic and oregano. Then spray a Wok with olive oil and stir-fry the noodles until soft. Finally, add marinara sauce and some parmesan cheese when ready and enjoy!



Zing Snack Bars
Zing Snack Bars, created by dietitians, are mini-sized snack bars that are perfect for a sweet tooth midday-pick me up! Each bar has 90-110 calories, are gluten-free, soy-free, corn syrup-free, are high in protein (10-13 grams per bar), are high in fiber (four to six grams per bar), and have no trans fats.





Kefir, by Lifeway Foods , is a low-fat watermelon-flavored snack. Loaded with nutrients and probiotics, Kefir makes a perfect recovery snack after a workout. Add some walnuts and chia seeds to Kefir to create a super food!

Kefir contains 12 probiotic cultures, is gluten-free, is 99 percent lactose-free, and is high in protein and in calcium.






Seven Sundays Muesli
Seven Sundays adds a cocoa and coconut flavor to its line of Muesli. Seven Sundays Muesli is a gluten-free, 100 percent whole grain snack that provides six grams of protein and five grams of fiber per serving.

A recipe idea for Seven Sundays Muesli is to cut half an apple, ¼-cup strawberries, ¼-cup blueberries, and add a half-cup of Greek Yogurt and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix together with one serving of Seven Sundays Muesli and chill for 20 minutes. Serve for breakfast or as a snack!

Irina Belfer-Lehat

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