| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Tennis fans, parents and coaches across Long Island can probably all agree on sharing a lack of one thing: Time. Between work and other responsibilities, there is often not enough time to fit everything into your daily schedule. Stuck on a business trip and cannot make it back in time for your kids’ tournament? Want to treat your tournament team to a day at the International Tennis Hall of Fame? Nassau Flyers has the answer for you.

Located in Farmingdale’s Republic Airport, Nassau Flyers is an aviation company specializing in aircraft management, aircraft sales and flight training, and is a great option for those looking to impress friends for a weekend getaway, or the tennis parent who needs to make it back in time for a child’s match after a business meeting.

Long Island Tennis Magazine decided to see firsthand how efficient and easy it was to take a daytrip on the beautiful Cirrus Aircraft, so our group headed up to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I. for a day to check out the beautiful beach town and the in-depth history of tennis, as well as enjoy the luxury and comfort of riding with Nassau Flyers.

The benefits of flying privately with Nassau Flyers were immediately evident. Since it is your private plane for the day, there is no rushing to the airport to make sure you catch the flight, no waiting on security lines and going through TSA check-ins. Your pilot is ready to take off whenever you are.

Many are hesitant to fly in a small plane, but those fears are put to rest quickly when flying with Nassau Flyers. The professional staff and pilots put the mind at ease, and the Cirrus Aircrafts’ are equipped with CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System), which deploys a parachute on the plane if something were to go wrong. In addition to the parachute, the Cirrus planes have an integrated fuselage roll cage, airbag seatbelts, cuffed wings and other innovative features to ensure the safety of all aboard.

The flight to Newport took about 45 minutes from Republic Airport, but it felt much shorter. The views from above as you fly over the East End of Long Island and over the Block Island Sound are remarkable, and you reach your destination in almost no time. Our group walked around Newport and was able to experience the International Tennis Hall of Fame, as well as enjoyed a beautiful lunch right alongside the grass courts where the Hall of Fame Championships are played.

After heading down by the beach and walking along Newport’s famous Cliff Walk, our crew decided it was time to turn around and head home. Because we had our own private plane and pilot, we didn’t need to waste time at the airport, got back in our Cirrus plane and flew back to Long Island.

This service can be beneficial in so many ways. Many parents are unable to see their children play in college matches hours away or take that weekend getaway with the team, but Cirrus and the Nassau Flyers turn those daunting travel plans into an easy, stress-free trip.

The Cirrus/Nassau Flyers experience will make you wonder why you ever traveled on a commercial airliner in the first place, and the tennis lover in you will find that those previously impossible travel plans can now become a reality.