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  | By Kathy Miller

This is usually the article where I try to get across how the bad behavior, bad sportsmanship and the newly added bashings on social media are the things ruining this League. I’m going to keep it really short since the people creating these situations usually refuse to see themselves as the culprits. I want to point out that there are three sides to every story. The Grievance & Appeals Committees are hard-working volunteers who drop everything to deal with the many “time-sensitive” complaints. I agree with their fair and unbiased decisions, which did not warrant the nasty things being said on social media.

Much of what was being written on social media were inaccurate and unfair to all involved. Are the USTA rules perfect? Of course not. But that is not what is ruining this League. It is those who have no sportsmanship, no moral compass and will do anything to win. The underrating of players, throwing of matches, stalling in timed matches and overall nastiness is what is destroying the League. I am begging you to recognize that if you have a part in this and it doesn’t stop, the League will begin to lose players and eventually, cease existing.

On a positive note, I want to compliment most of the teams I saw at the regional tournament. I saw some really great sportsmanship from both the winning and losing teams. There was one team that lost an incredibly close match in the 18 & Over League and had the same thing happen the next weekend in the 40 & Over League. These ladies, as well as their opponents, showed class and great sportsmanship after the match and it’s a nice reminder of what this League is all about. I personally thank you for that!

Below is a list of the teams advancing to the USTA Eastern Sectional Championships. Good luck to them all!

18 & Over League
2.5 Women, Carefree Racquet (captained by Paula Tiegel)
►3.0 Women, Carefree Racquet (captained by Gail Feder)
3.5 Women, Sportime Syosset (captained by Dawn Schosberg & Jeanette Romano)
4.0 Women, Christopher Morley (captained by Seema Imberman & Therese Direnzo)
4.5 Women, Sportime Kings Park (captained by Michelle Stoerback & Diann Starcke)
5.0 Women, Sportime Syosset (captained by Tina Stellato-Villegas & Roslyn Chua)
3.0 Men, World Gym Setauket (captained by Rob Kaiserman & James McCormack)
3.5 Men, Eastern Athletic-Blue Point (captained by Michael Siegmund & John Selvaggio)
4.0 Men, Carefree Racquet (captained by Jake Kolenberg)
4.5 Men, Atlantic Beach Club (captained by Fayez Malik)
5.0 Men, Shelter Rock (captained by Joe Polestino)

40 & Over League
3.0 Women, Point Set (captained by Dina Stein & Rosemarie Castellano)
3.5 Women, Sportime Lynbrook (captained by Lisa Tabman & Marlaina Teich)
4.0 Women, Carefree Racquet (captained by Karen Levine & Kathryn Rose)
4.5+ Women, Jericho Westbury (captained by Tina Stellato-Villegas & Karen Levine)
3.0 Men, Sportime Kings Park (captained by Bill Carson)
3.5 Men, Eastern Athletic-Blue Point (captained by Michael Siegmund & Henry Winnicki)
4.0 Men, Carefree Racquet (captained by Alex Havriliak)
4.5 Men, Christopher Morley (captained by Jonathan Klee)

The 4.5 Sportime Kings Park, captained by Michelle Stoerback & Diann Starcke


The 4.0 Women’s team from Christopher Morley, captained by Seema Imberman & Therese Direnzo


The 2.5 Women’s team from Carefree Racquet, captained by Paula Tiegel]


The 3.0 Women’s team from Carefree Racquet, captained by Gail Feder

Kathy Miller is the manager at Carefree Racquet Club and is also the Adult League Coordinator for USTA/Long Island. She may be reached at