| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff


Lux-Craft Inc. is a leader in producing LED lighting for indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Located in Hicksville, N.Y., Lux-Craft is constantly using the latest technological advances and dedication, resulting in the most advanced LED solutions for the sports industry.

Lux Craft’s third-generation 540-watt fixture outperforms all other competitors, and in 2016, the company introduced highly-advanced outdoor fixtures. The indirect nature of the outdoor model reduces glare and improves playability like no other fixture on the market.

Lux-Craft is continuously working to make improvements and advances in LED lighting technology. The company is determined to manufacture high-quality luminaires for sports facilities, as they have dedicated thousands of hours in seeking out and researching the best materials.

All assembly and testing is done locally in New York, and with a five-year standard guarantee, the Lux Craft is confident that they can vastly improve the lighting systems at tennis clubs. All of that, combined with substantial energy savings, is guaranteeing that we are going to see more LED technology in the future of the tennis industry.

Lux Craft has range of outdoor and indoor lighting options and designs to fit whatever you need for your sports club or complex. See the project that Lux-Craft can do for you by visiting LuxCrafters.com or by calling (718) 934-3600.