| By Kathy Miller

The Adult, Senior and Super Senior USTA League is underway. Play began the week of May 17 for most divisions and will run until August. We have a record number teams with 268 this year. Just a reminder to all captains that in addition to entering the scores on the USTA site within 24 hours of your match, you must also send a hard copy of the scorecard using the addressed envelopes provided. The standings Web site, www.litennisscores.com, is updated with the hard copy of the scorecard. Please remember that what you submit has to be read by us and understood! Please make sure that the winners are circled and the scores are clearly written.

We would love to get a Senior (50+) Mixed Doubles league started on Long Island. We were hoping to run the league in August and have a team qualify for the Sectionals in October. A match consists of three courts of mixed-doubles, and teams consist of combined ratings. Let's try to get a 7.0 (two 3.5 players or a 3.0 and 4.0) and an 8.0 (two 4.0 players or a 3.5 and 4.5) Division going. Please contact me at kathym65@aol.com ASAP if you are interested.

Next up will be the adult mixed-doubles, which will run from November to May and follows the same format as described above. We have a 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 Level established, and would like to start a 10.0 this upcoming season! Organizing will begin in September after the early start ratings are published (mid-September). At this time, we will also get the Tri-Level League organized. The Tri-Level League is three courts of doubles, with one court being 4.5 players, one court of 4.0 players and a third court of 3.5 players. We ran the Tri-Level last season, and although it was very tight in a short period of time, the league was a huge success. It’s a great format, in that it brought people of differing levels together as teammates. If you are interested in the Adult Mixed-Doubles or the Tri-Level League, please contact me in September.

I hope everyone has great matches, and I look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Kathy Miller is the manager at Carefree Racquet Club and is also the Adult League Coordinator for USTA/Long Island. She may be reached at kathym65@aol.com.