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Incorporated in Marietta, Ga. in 2005, this little company was formed on a dream, a leap of faith, some amazing friendships and a credit card! Today, 12 years later, CuteTennisStuff.com continues to bring the on-court tennis humor of daily life into both the products created and those the company represents. Available online and also at some of the most amazing tennis venues across the U.S.

Great holiday gift ideas, new for holiday 2017:

►CuteTennisStuff’s snuggly, butter-soft fleece tennis blanket is a generous 72” x 52” and folds into a pillow or seat cushion for easy transport. Pair with a neon “Tennis Players Have Fewer Faults” 26 ounce thermal bottle and you’re set for chilly courtside cheer.

►Limited edition tennis Christmas ornaments are perfect for holiday tennis gift exchange and hostess gifts. Choose one of CuteTennisStuff’s festive embellishments or personalize with your own greeting.

►The best-selling ladies’ “Little Racquet Pullovers” are a perfect winter weight warm up for play, indoors or out. Available in six colors, ladies XS-4XL.

Need a custom gift for your family, team or league? Give CuteTennisStuff a call! We are happy to work with you to create the perfect gift.

Headed to a pro tour event? Please stop by and see CuteTennisStuff in Dallas; Indian Wells; Sarasota; Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; Cincinnati; and Winston-Salem to say hello! And if you happen to be playing in a USTA State or Sectional Tournament across the Southeast, you’ll likely find CuteTennisStuff there as well.

Visit CuteTennisStuff.com for your tennis holiday shopping! Enter promo code “LITL” at checkout and receive free ground shipping on your November and December holiday purchases!


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Creating environmentally-friendly international designer athleisure wear has been inPhorm’s mission since the company launched in 2008.

inPhorm’s luxurious tennis, active and lifestyle outfits are made predominantly of recycled fibers, and the company is constantly devising new processes and technology to reduce the environmental impact of apparel manufacturing. inPhorm crafts every fabric and stitch of clothing in its own textile mills and sewing factories to ensure high-quality from start to finish.

Look for the six exciting multinational young tennis pros whose wardrobes inPhorm sponsors: Jacqueline Cako, Petra Januskova, Alla Kudryavtseva, Sabastiani Leon, Jessica Moore and Marina Shamayko.

inPhorm proudly serves as the official outfitter for the men and women players and coaches of Tennis Ireland, the national governing body for the sport in Ireland.

Expect more great things from inPhorm as the company offers more athleisure, always mindful that the creation of high design does not preclude protecting the planet.

Shop the styles shown at inPhormNYC.com or to locate the retailer nearest you contact CustomerService@inPhormNYC.com or call (214) 749-0300.


KryoMed LI
369 Glen Cove Road ♦ Greenvale, N.Y.
(516) 671-8000 ♦ 
Cryotherapy is the newest method of athletic treatment and recovery, and KryoMed Long Island has all the great gift options for the athlete, and non-athlete, in your life.

Located on Glen Cove Road in Greenvale and led by Medical Director Dr. Konstantinos Zarkadas, KryoMed LI provides medically-supervised and effective treatment for any type of injury. After getting the appropriate medical screening and clearance, clients step into a top-of-the-line, open-topped cryosuana, where they’re briefly enveloped by frosty air. KryoMed’s best-in-class technology lowers the temperatures inside to between -184 and -292 degrees Fahrenheit. The treatment is painless, and refreshing to many, and helps to reduce inflammation, increase energy, decrease soreness, relieve pain, and much more. KryoMed LI also offers localized cryotherapy to a specific area of the body.

In addition to cryotherapy, KryoMed LI offers a variety of KryoCreams as well as KryoFacials, which use pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors applied to the face and neck, stimulating the production of collagen and decreasing pore size, which helps tighten the skin and improve blood circulation.

Come see why professional athletes and others alike are trying cryotherapy as the newest form of recovery and wellness. For more information, visit KryoMedLI.com or call (516) 671-8000.


Nutrition Solutions PC
705 Middle Neck Road ♦ Great Neck, N.Y.
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Irina@IrinaLehat.com ♦ 
A gift from Nutrition Solutions PC for you! Get 20 percent off on your personalized diet plan! A five-day meal plan, designed just for you by Irina Belfer-Lehat, a registered dietitian, that will include a pre-match meal, recovery meal and fluid, calories and protein calculations! Call (917) 769-8031 today and see where good nutrition can take you!

Irina Belfer-Lehat of Nutrition Solutions PC is a New York State-licensed dietitian and certified dietitian-nutritionist. Irina Lehat RD Nutrition Solutions offers group classes for kids in kindergarten through high school. Small groups, affordable prices! For more information, call (917) 769-8031, e-mail IrinaLehat@gmail.com or visit IrinaLehat.com.


Portable Tennis Partner
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The holiday season is fast approaching. What do you get your athlete, especially your tennis enthusiast who already has everything? Get them Portable Tennis Partner, the gift that keeps on giving, year-round. Never go without a tennis partner again, play in your garage, driveway, basement, or yard. Never let the rain, snow, heat, or wind keep you from doing something you enjoy; hitting tennis balls. Hitting 1,200 balls in 30 minutes promotes efficient strokes, while getting a great cardio workout, all in the comfort of the location of your choice. This one-of-a-kind backboard features fast, easy set-up and disassembly, requiring no tools in less than five minutes. It provides consistent bounces, with light, but sturdy construction. The Portable Tennis Partner is truly portable, weighing only 37 pounds while fully assembled, and can be moved easily from place to place.

You do not have to be a professional or a competitive player to use the Portable Tennis Partner. It can be used by players of any age or skill level. Players who have difficulty hitting the 5’ x 7’ hitting surface will quickly hone the skill required to keep a “rally” going (more so than a regular backboard).

The Portable Tennis Partner does not replace a coach or parent, but rather compliments them by providing a place to practice what you have been asked to work on before your next lesson.

"Not having a way to hit balls at home is like taking piano lessons and not having a piano at home to practice,” said Steve Smith. “Repetition is the mother of consistency.”

Order and get your Portable Tennis Partner before the rush. Feel free to contact the company with any questions. Happy hitting …


Silent Partner Tennis
(800) 662-1809
SPTennis@on.aibn.com ♦ 
“Give the gift of a Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine this holiday season!”

Independently owned and operated since 1989, Silent Partner Tennis is committed to the quality of its machines and the satisfaction of its customers. Silent Partner Tennis offers a range of machines to fit any budget. The machines ship door-to-door, and shipping is always free.

Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machines are perfect for beginners and experts alike. The machines don’t judge. They can help groove your strokes or simulate play at the U.S. Open. Their features will put a smile on the face of your techie tennis pros. Whether battery-powered or plugged-in, take the machine anywhere, and try to keep up! The machines are always up to play and they work around your schedule. Plus, who doesn’t love a great-looking hitting partner?

Check Silent Partner Tennis out at SPTennis.com. Here is to another great year of tennis. Silent Partner Tennis hopes that it can help you make 2017 the best one yet. Happy holidays!


Tennis Elbow Grease
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Info@EliminateTennisElbow.com ♦ 
Do you have or know someone with tennis elbow? Now there is finally some relief for this debilitating problem. Introduced at the New York Tennis Expo at the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, N.Y. two years ago, Tennis Elbow Grease products are now available in retail stores across the country and online at EliminateTennisElbow.com.

Tennis Elbow Grease (TEG) Pain Relief Cream is formulated as a topical analgesic to address the symptoms of tennis elbow, as well as to aid in healing the long-term underlying problems of arm and elbow pain. Utilizing a unique delivery system, the active ingredients in the TEG formula are distributed through the sub-dermal layers of the skin, where they can penetrate the affected muscles, tendons and skeletal areas. Essentially, the active ingredients in TEG target those areas in need of relief, ultimately reducing inflammation and pain.

Unlike many other topical analgesics currently on the market, TEG incorporates a variety of ingredients that have been successfully proven to minimize or eliminate muscle, tendon and nerve pain. Consequently, TEG eliminates the need to buy and use multiple, less effective products. It offers efficacy, convenience and cost savings.

In addition to a pain relief cream, Tennis Elbow Grease now offers a natural gut string that is high performing and extremely arm friendly, as well as an elbow brace with an insertable ice and heat gel pack for post-match maintenance.

Give Tennis Elbow Grease products a try, or buy it for someone who is hoping to return to the tennis court sooner rather than later. Go to EliminateTennisElbow.com for more information and to shop now.


Tennis Hobo, A Derailed Memoir
www.tennishobo.com♦ Available at Amazon


“At last, a great tennis novel!”—Gary Glassman, Stony Brook University

John Gruberg has been mentioned on theTonight Show and in Playboy Magazine. 

Your favorite tennis book may have to step aside for this new novel by John Gruberg. The semi-autobiographical narrative offers high tennis adventure loaded with humor and witty insights to the game as two small-time tennis pros hit the road.

Meanwhile, the golden years of Borg/Connors/McEnroe and Evert/King/Navratilova haunt the background (unique tennis instruction tips are a bonus).

“There are tears in my eyes as I finish this book.”—Roger Kahn, USPTA

“Great tale!”—Peter Smith, Men’s Tennis Coach, University of Southern California

“Don’t miss it!”—Dick Gould, Stanford University

“A story that begs to be told.”—Sean Sloane, Past Director of Education, USTA

Arguably among the best tennis books, John Gruberg’s Tennis Hobo brings to mind 
A Handful of Summers by Gordon Forbes.


Tennis Trunk
Looking for the gift that keeps on giving?

Tennis Trunk is the first and only monthly box for tennis players. Each month, get a box with a few cans of tennis balls and several items geared towards your tennis talents!

How it works?
Tennis Trunk’s team of players and coaches scour the country looking for the must-haves in every tennis bag. Every month, you will be sent two cans of tennis balls and the rest of the box will vary with other essentials, such as overgrips, protein bars, wristbands, energy chews, towels, electrolytes. If players are using it, then it’s going into a Tennis Trunk.

Whether you’re an avid tennis player, fan of the sport or know someone who cannot stay away from the court, Tennis Trunk can give anyone the advantage. As we near the holiday season, Tennis Trunk could approach the top of your gift list this year.

Tennis Trunk was started by a tennis pro, so you know every product has been tested and approved as a must-have in your tennis bag!

Each Tennis Trunk is customized, based on gender, size, tennis ball and grip preference. This adds excitement to the unboxing experience as they’ll know how much thought went into their gift.

Head to TennisTrunk.com, follow the steps, and feel satisfied that you will be making a tennis player feel extra special this holiday season.

Tennis Trunk will provide months of value and excitement for you or the ones closest to you. We prefer to say that you should add in (or ad-in) a Tennis Trunk to your next wish or gift list this season! Use code “ACE” for $5 off your box!


Total Concierge Services
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Take to the serve with TCS: Total Concierge Services.

Picture the U.S. Open with all aspects of the VIP experience. Total Concierge Services will plan your entire day and/or vacation, from beginning to end, including all the elite amenities of the taste of mind. Total Concierge Services’ transportation division will handle your travel, from private charter jet to extended luxurious black car/SUV service, to and from your accommodations. Total Concierge Services’ hotel division includes the booking of accommodations with the amenities of early check-in, spa reservations and five-star concierge service for reservations to all restaurants.

The U.S. Open experience includes the arrival to Arthur Ashe Stadium with a personal escort to your private VIP seats and/or box. Take a stroll to the VIP concession area, where you'll be met with some of the finest libations and canapés, and rub elbows with A-list celebrities and athletes. Top your night off with a trip to Mulberry Street with the fine taste of cappuccino, coffee and dessert.

While in town, take in a Broadway show with premium seating and services. Join Total Concierge Services for floor seats at a concert at Madison Square Garden, followed by backstage passes. Another stop can be an unobtainable reservation at one of the most elite restaurants in the city.

What about Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles? Total Concierge Services can provide all of these services anywhere you desire and for any of the following: Sporting events, concerts, movie premieres, annual red carpet events, celebrity meet and greets, luxurious dinners, travel, and much more.

Check us out at TCSConcierge.com.