| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo Credit: Sidney Beal III

The U.S. Open Series will no longer be sponsored by Emirates, as the airline is ending its deal with the circuit two years before it is set to expire, according to reports in the Sports Business Journal.

The USTA plans to promote a youth initiative which it will be investing in over the next few years.

“This is not just a platform to make money,” USTA CEO of pro tennis said of the series. “We want to use pro tennis in the United States to get more kids on the court.”

The U.S. Open Series is a circuit of five weeks of tournaments in North America during the summer. The prize money for the tournaments will continue to remain the same despite the Emirates backing out.

Emirates’ deal pays the USTA about $90 million over seven years to the USTA and will continue to honor that commitment, but push its resources more towards the U.S. Open. It will reportedly take over the naming rights for the line-calling technology, which J.P. Morgan Chase has had in years past, on the ESPN’s broadcasts of the U.S. Open Series.

Going forward, the USTA’s goal is to bring together the pro series and youth tennis in hopes of getting more players on the court. It expects to announce this initiative and it’s name in March, according to the report.

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