| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Hours before Roger Federer defeated Stan Wawrinka to win his fifth BNP Paribas Open title in Indian Wells on Sunday, Sportime Lynbrook hosted an Indian Wells-themed event as the Sportime World Tour continued to make its rounds across the tennis world.

The second stop on the world tour in 2017 brought together players from various Sportime clubs throughout Long Island to continue to showcase the improvement of its players in fun and festive atmosphere.

“I think it’s going great,” said Sportime Lynbrook Tennis Director Jeffery Morys. “This is the third year in a row that we’re running it and it keeps getting smoother. The best part is seeing the level of play from all the kids improve from year to year. Two or three years ago, there was a big difference between the different levels and age groups, but since we have been doing this together with all of the other clubs, we are seeing a much more even level from class to class, and from court to court.”

In addition to the play on court, the event once again featured a party room where the players and spectators could hangout. DJ Curtis was on the turntables playing music and hosting dance contests while delicious food was being served, and there was even a bouncy castle.

The fun and friendly atmosphere has gone a long way with the performance of the players on court as it gives the kids something to look forward to in their classes and programs. It was evident as the different levels and age groups went through the drills and games throughout the day showcasing their improvements on the court.  

“We want to make this a fun event that everybody is getting ready for, and it looks like everybody is putting in the hard work and practice to prepare for the World Tours,” said Sportime World Tour Director Jason Wass. “It’s showing, because we are having kids, at all levels, playing better than the time before, which is really encouraging.

We’re always trying to find that next step to take, that next level to reach to enhance the event. We want them going out there and competing hard, but having fun while doing it. At the end of the day, the kids have a smile on their faces; the parents have a smile on their faces, so we walk away with smiles on our faces too.”

Keep your eyes peeled to see where the World Tour will stop next.