John McEnroe Tennis Academy
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff








dhantuchova: I can't wait to go to New York! The tennis is great but also the atmosphere, the shopping... I love the city! The energy is amazing.


andyroddick: How good is Friday Night Lights, and how much does it suck that there is only one more season?


serenawilliams: Just for the record, I am @greenday # 1 fan for life!!!!!



andy_murray: Breakfast at Panera Bread. Low fat strawberry smoothie, strawberry granola parfait, bagel cream cheese. Awesome. Driving to crts with dani.


justingimelstob: The music from the opening of  "In Treatment" is so relaxing it puts you into a trance!"




serenawilliams: I wasted my tears on Brett Favre. He is coming back. I want my tears back!!!!



vika7: What's that fantasy football thing everyone is talking about? Am I too late to join?


Justine_Henin: Patience, patience ... Not so easy but that's the best for the recovery! So let's stay positive ;-) Thank you for your support!


justingimelstob: That Roddick/Soderling match was intense, awesome tennis. Andrew is a tough dude.


CaroWozniacki: Won my match today in three sets! Was a tough battle out there and Flavia played really well! Was very happy to get the win!


Bryanbros: Putting down some late night fajitas at Applebees. Good day for the Yanks at @cincytennis. Hoping to keep the momentum going tomorrow.