| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Pine Hollow Country Club in East Norwich had a great turnout as it kicked off its 2017 tennis season with an opening day meet and greet on Sunday afternoon, bringing together current and new members for a day of tennis fun despite the chilly and cloudy weather.

“We probably have about 50 people here, which is great considering the weather and on a late Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t be happier,” said Ricky Becker, Director of Tennis at Pine Hollow Country Club. “We have a lot of new members and we have the most members we’ve had since I’ve been here. Coming off winning the North Shore Country Club Womens’ League last year and our men’s team having their best season ever I am so excited for the 2017 season and the years to come. I love this event because it is a great opportunity in a casual setting for people to see old friends and make new ones.  The members here are fantastic.”

There were clinics and drills conducted on the various courts, as well as a food spread and music being played.

“I’ve been here about 50 years, it’s like another home for me,” said Dr. Bob Traeger. “They have all the amenities you need here. The courts are fantastic, the food is fantastic, the people are fantastic. There are all kinds of entertainment. You have everything you could want here.”

Fellow Pine Hollow member Sandra Sklar echoed those sentiments:

“It’s all about having fun, just being together with everyone and having a lot of positive energy to kick off the season. We have a lot of new families here and were able to welcome them in with a fun event like this. I’m looking forward to having a great time this season, improving my game but having fun while doing it.”

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