| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

For the first time, USTA Long Island is seeking to put together a Men’s, Women’s and Mixed 65 & Over 8.0 league, with matches to be held on weekends and/or during the day.

A lot of seniors are retired and feel burdened by leagues that start play after 9PM. Tennis leagues that play earlier in the day and/or on weekends, as in Florida winter leagues, have shown to be much more enjoyable than late night weekday leagues. In addition, USTA Long Island is intent upon scheduling senior matches outdoors, now that the summer months are rapidly approaching.

The goal is to establish AT LEAST two teams in this league and thus be eligible to compete at Sectionals.

Many of the players who are looking to set up the league are simply looking for a way to play competitive tennis with people their age at a reasonable time of day, and ultimately hope to establish new divisions for senior tennis. There will be men’s women’s and mixed 65 and Over 8.0 leagues.

The leagues are open to USTA members who are already 65 years old or will be 65 by the end of this year.

“Two years ago, USTA Long Island put together a 7.0 men’s league. It’s working out well but we don’t have an 8.0 league for the 65 and over division,” said Allan Silverstein, the men’s league coordinator. “We have a lot of good players who want to play weekend matches or during week days. We hope to build off of this and create 9.0 leagues in the future.”

To register for the Mens 65 and Over 8.0 team:

The registration number is 1003231941. The registration fee is $28.

Contact: Allan Silverstein    asilver1118@aol.com    516-551-4319

To register for the Womens 65 and Over 8.0 team:

The registration number is 1003237414. The registration fee is $28.

Contact: Gail Schor    tennisgail55@aim.com       516-456-0631

To register for the Mixed 65 and Over 8.0 team:

The registration number is 1003264214.  The registration fee is $10.

Contact: Dave McKean     dmckean@optonline.net     516-476-7177