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  | By USTA Eastern Long Island Region
Saturday, November 7, 2009 Farmingdale State College Roosevelt Hall (Expo Room and Auditorium) 2350 Broadhollow Road (Route 110) Farmingdale, NY 11735 I recently had the opportunity to chat with the folks over at Long Island Tennis Magazine regarding the upcoming Long Island Tennis Expo, set for...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
The following products represent just a few of the hottest new trends and accessories to hit the court this spring and summer. Adidas The French Open is the world’s premier clay court tournament and the second of the four Grand Slam events contested annually by members of the ATP and WTA tours. The...Read more
  | By Eric Dietsche
Playing tennis at Deer Park Indoor Tennis Club has had more than one meaning for me. It was more than just ladder matches and group lessons. It has become about the Sundays that I have spent playing tennis with the SCORE (Student Caring Offers Recreational Excel-lence) guys, who come from a group...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Using The 1/3 Rule for drilling and competing Competition allows you to work on shot selection, tenacity and focus. Drilling allows you to concentrate on pure execution of a particular skill (volley, serve, approach shot, etc.). Both drilling and competing are necessary to improve your game...Read more
  | By Steve Abbondondelo
The 2009 Long Island Winter Junior Team Tennis (JTT) season ended with an exciting playoff schedule held at Robbie Wagner Tournament Training in Glen Cove on May 2 and at Rockville Racquet on May 9. Twenty-three teams competed in three divisions for the right to represent Long Island at the Eastern...Read more
  | By Dr. David Scheiner
Dr. David Scheiner has been a foot specialist for almost 20 years and has found great success in designing custom-made foot orthodics when used inside shoes. Orthodics (arch supports) provide proper foot alignment, as well as better balance and height, when walking or playing sports. Orhtodics make...Read more
  | By Happy Bhalla
Conventional wisdom amongst many coaches and players suggests that the key to mental “toughness” is to talk and think positively at all times; especially when it comes to match play. While this seems to make sense at first glance, let us examine and explore a little beneath the surface. The truth...Read more
  | By Steven Kaplan
In the 30-plus years since I first began coaching tennis, society has seen many changes in the way people communicate and interact. Technology has not, however, altered basic human nature, and in this example, the inevitability of self-serving, immediate gratification-seeking behavior of junior...Read more
  | By Dan Dwyer
In the early 1980s, I received a phone call while in the middle of a staff meeting. The caller was requesting to enter a men’s tournament. Being rather busy at the moment, I told him that I would transfer his call to the tournament director. He interrupted by saying that he had a potential problem...Read more
  | By Jonathan Klee
I was very disappointed to read Jim Dileo's article, "USTA Team Tennis: Increasing Your Chances to Play for a National Title" in the May/June 2009 edition of Long Island Tennis Magazine . Mr. Dileo takes the approach that, in order to be competitive and win, you need to “game” the system when self-...Read more
  | By Laszlo Elek
Injuries are a part of tennis … it is a fast moving game with lots of stopping and starting, sharp lateral movements, accelerations and stretches. As you get older, your chance of repetitive stress injuries increases. So, should you just accept that injuries happen or is there something you can do...Read more
  | By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff
Robert Glickman, a USPTA pro for the last 30 years on Long Island, recently took his lessons on the road to Sans Souci Resort in Jamaica. In April, in exchange for a stay at Sans Souci Resort in Jamaica, Glickman taught tennis to guests of the resort. “It was a wonderful experience, and I look...Read more
  | By Kathy Miller
We are now in our third week of the league season with matches well under way. Just a reminder to all captains that scorecards have to be entered into the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Web site within 24 hours of the match and also have to be mailed so the standings section of the site...Read more
  | By Carl Barnett
Through my years as a tennis professional, I have found a bounty of benefits in pairing a student's private lessons and group work with tennis specific physical training. After what we've seen over the last decade in professional tennis, its effectiveness should come as no surprise. Anyone who...Read more
  | By Clark D. Ruiz II
A major component of the search process—the search for the perfect school—is the “official visit.” Each prospective collegiate player is only afforded five (Division 1, Division 2) visits, so you have to make them count. These should be relegated to your “short list” of schools, the handful of...Read more