| By Scoop Malinowski
Noah Rubin competes at the New York Open earlier this year.


Status:  No. 176 in ATP World Tour Rankings

DOB:   February 21, 1996  In: Long Island, NY

HT: 5-9   Wt:  155

First Tennis Memory: My parents hung a ball from a string off our ceiling and I was actually in a diaper. And maybe I just have a memory because I see the picture so often. I don't know if I actually remember it but that's my first memory.

Tennis Inspirations:  I would say my father is definitely one. Tough not to say James Blake and, obviously. Roger Federer…Federer is Federer [smiles].

Last Book Read:  It's called Sum. It's about neuroscience and the after-life.

Current Car:  Gray Chevy Malibu.

First Famous Tennis Player You Met Or Encountered:  Ivo Karlovic. US Open. Picture. Somehow my father fit myself, who was even smaller than I am today, and Ivo Karlovic in the same picture [chuckles].

Greatest Career Moment:  So far, either beating John Isner or playing against Federer at Australian Open.

Most Painful Moment:  Wasn't easy losing the NCAA Singles championship at Baylor University while up a set and 5-3, serving for the match.

Favorite Tournaments:  Australian Open and Indian Wells.

Closest Tennis Friends:  Bjorn Fratangelo, Tennys Sandgren, Mitchell Krueger, Bradley Klahn, all those guys.

Funniest Players Encountered:  Nobody is that funny out here. I'm the funniest guy [laughs].

Fiercest Competitors Encountered:  Oh God, probably Tennys Sandgren. Any of those dirtballers I played out here who are just eating the clay.

Favorite Sports Outside Tennis:  To play - soccer. To watch - hockey and Formula 1.

Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow:  New York Islanders team, as a whole. Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1. And...that's about it.

Why Do You Love Playing Tennis:  I love running down balls and I love the competition.

Funny Tennis Memory: I try to laugh every day but...can't think of one off the top of my head. I don't have one. I'm really sorry [smiles].

Strangest Match:  Oh gosh, I actually remember one of my first international matches, when I was like eleven. And we had to stop playing because there were too many bugs flying around. In Montreal, Canada. They were these absolute monster mosquitoes. We literally couldn't even see our hands in front of us.

Embarrassing Tennis Memory: Tough to say. Either John Isner match when I broke my shoe. And happened to have another shoe in my locker and I didn't even know if I had one…Luckily I did.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Ben & Jerry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Which Match(es) Did You Feel At Your Best:  I don't even know. I'm not one of those players who zones out. I grind out every ball.

People Qualities Most Admired:  We were just talking about this. Awareness is one, both of other people and surroundings. Sarcastic and light and can take a joke. I think that's a big deal.



Scoop Malinowski

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